How EIT Urban Mobility supports cities in delivering their sustainable urban mobility strategies?

  • Jordi Casas Juan, City Development Manager at the Innovation Hub South, explains how EIT Urban Mobility supports cities in delivering their sustainable urban mobility strategies in an interview with Hub Cities.
  • EIT Urban Mobility collaborates with more than 60 cities across Europe in developing and implementing their sustainable mobility plans
  • Developed by EIT Urban Mobility, City Club is a platform for cities to collaborate, sharing best practices, upscaling ideas, and putting them to work. The club also serves as a sounding board for citizens and a means of outreach.
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EIT Urban Mobility supports cities in delivering their sustainable urban mobility strategies by providing resources, expertise, funding, and collaboration opportunities. By leveraging innovation and knowledge-sharing, we help cities progress toward more sustainable, efficient, and accessible urban transportation systems.  But, how do we develop and implement our support?

  • Innovation and Research: EIT Urban Mobility fosters innovation and research in urban mobility. Our collaboration with academic institutions, startups, and established companies allows us to develop and test new mobility solutions, technologies, and business models that can help cities achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Education and Training: Through educational programmes and training opportunities for urban mobility professionals, decision-makers, and stakeholders. These programmes help cities build capacity and expertise in designing and implementing sustainable mobility solutions. –
  • Living Labs: EIT Urban Mobility creates living labs in cities across Europe. These living labs serve as test beds for innovative mobility solutions, allowing cities to pilot and evaluate modern technologies and approaches in real-world urban environments. –
  • Public-Private Partnerships: EIT Urban Mobility facilitates collaboration between public and private sector entities. Bringing together various stakeholders encourages the development of public-private partnerships that can finance and implement sustainable mobility projects.
  • Knowledge Sharing: exchanging knowledge and best practices among cities.
  • Funding and Grants: EIT Urban Mobility provides funding and grants to support innovative mobility projects in cities. This financial support can help cities implement sustainable mobility solutions and infrastructure improvements.
  • Policy Support: EIT Urban Mobility works closely with cities to align their mobility strategies with European Union policies and sustainability objectives. It provides policy guidance and recommendations to help cities develop effective and sustainable urban mobility plans.
  • Data and Analytics:  we support cities in collecting and analysing data related to urban mobility. Data-driven insights can help cities make informed decisions and optimise their transportation systems for sustainability and efficiency.
  • Advocacy and Awareness: EIT Urban Mobility advocates for sustainable urban mobility at the European level and raises awareness about the importance of transitioning to cleaner, more efficient transportation systems.