City Club

Defining challenges and sharing best practices

Putting urban mobility solutions into practice

City Club is a platform for cities for collaborating, sharing best practice, upscaling ideas and putting them to work. Every year the club produces a list of key challenges facing cities, which can then be tackled by innovation projects and fed into our innovation, education and business creation programmes. Our cities act as test beds for pilots and living labs to enhance innovation in urban mobility. The club also serves as a sounding board for citizens and a means of outreach.

City Club — a vehicle for putting urban mobility solutions into practice


  • Solutions are urgently needed
  • Cities are able to identify challenges for the future of urban mobility
  • Cities are not merely test beds but our core business


  • City Club is a collaborative venture in which cities will play many roles — posing challenges and as customers, regulators and investors
  • Focus on putting urban mobility solutions into practice
  • Dealing with topics such as sustainable technology, mobility behaviour, organisation and policy


  • Using a flexible approach based on problem solving
  • Open network for collaborating, sharing experiences and scaling up solutions and putting them into practice


  • EIT Urban Mobility member cities
  • Cities across the globe
  • Cooperation with existing networks such as Polis, EUROCITIES, C40 and EIP-SCC

City Club members

City Club Chairpersons 2023-2024

Chair of City Club: Mr. Kalle Toivonen (City of Helsinki)  
Deputy Chair of City Club: Mrs. Melanie Grötsch (City of Munich) 

Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB)

City of Barcelona

City of Braga

City of Helsinki

City of Heraklion

City of Larissa

City of Lublin

City of Madrid

City of Milan

City of Munich

City of Riga

City of Thessaloniki

City of Vitoria Gasteiz

Istanbul Metropolitan
Municipality (IMM)

Toulouse Metropole

Ville et Eurométropole 
de Strasbourg


Hands-on approach enabling access to new, tailored solutions

Focus on local solution deployment

Innovation partnerships with industry

Cities as active contributors, who co-develop solutions and blueprints

Encouraging investment in the technologies of tomorrow

Facilitating access to data

Gaining critical mass

Conducting pre-commercial procurement activities together

Continuously adjusting the city level playing field

Citizen — provide opportunities for training, engagement and co-creation and promote behavioural change

Boost start-up and knowledge systems and accelerate markets for innovation