Webinar: How innovation can increase micromobility end user adoption?

In this webinar, organised with the support of Spin, we will present EIT Urban Mobility’s first report on Micromobility, and tackle the question of how to increase user engagement with various forms of micromobility, focusing on multimodal integration and safety as key enablers.

In this webinar, organised with the support of Spin, we will present EIT Urban Mobility’s first report on Micromobility, and tackle the question of how to increase user engagement with various forms of micromobility, focusing on multimodal integration and safety as key enablers.  

EIT UM is organising this webinar, to present and introduce a discussion about our first report on micromobility. It features experts who contributed to the report, giving the opportunity for attendees to directly exchange with them.

Speakers from both private and public sectors – who all contributed to the report – will share their perspective on the main factors leading to more sustainable and safer micromobility in cities. Following a brief presentation of the report, this webinar will give attendees the opportunity to gain insights from and interact with micromobility experts.  

11:00 – 11:05 Introduction   EIT Urban Mobility  

11:05 – 11:40 Discussion & Q&A with attendees  

  • Debbie Dekkers, Project manager, City of Amsterdam  
  • Gergely Kofran, Project manager, BKK – Budapest transit authority  
  • Filippo Brunelleschi, Country manager Spain & Portugal, Spin  
  • Alexandre Santacreu, Policy Analyst, Road Safety, International Transport Forum, OECD  

11:40 – 11:45 Closing   EIT Urban Mobility   Moderator:   Deborah Rim Moiso   

EIT Jumpstarter Grand Final

The top 6 startups in the seven categories of EIT Jumpstarter will pitch their ideas to our panels of expert judges. They will compete in each category for the first prize of €10.000. But this is not purely about money: the innovators reveal their ideas to the whole EIT Community and the investor guest.   

EIT Urban Mobility startups will compete in a separate room, as all the other cohorts, for the final prizes.

Creative community, advanced know-how, unique programme, expert trainers and mentors, this is EIT Jumpstarter. With the contribution of best-in-class experts, creative community, unique know-how, our aim is to support idea-holders to turn their ideas into business. We help innovators and entrepreneurs build a viable business model around their innovative product or service idea, validate it and if their business idea is proven to be sustainable, we encourage them to register their company.  

The strategic aim of this programme is to create sustainable impact in the Central-Eastern and Southern-European Regions by boosting innovation and entrepreneurship within this part of Europe. The programme’s concept originates from the real needs of the innovation ecosystem of these regions. Countries face similar challenges; they have enormous innovation potential, with bright scientific minds, but the research results are likely to remain within the labs.

At the same time, there is a significant number of needs that have been unmet from the corporate side. To overcome these challenges connecting the innovative solutions with the articulated demands from the industry and increase the competitiveness of our regions – six EIT Comminities teamed up for jointly running EIT Jumpstarter. The competition is organised by six Knowledge and Innovation Communities of EIT, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology: EIT Health, EIT RawMaterials EIT Food, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility. They bring together businesses, research centres and universities as partners creating a favourable environment for creative thought and innovation to flourish. EIT is a valuable, credible partner to get your business idea up and running.  

EIT Urban Mobility joins transport and mobility innovation at the 2021 POLIS Annual Conference

2021 POLIS Conference showcases transport and mobility innovation from cities and regions. In addition, it creates new connections between transport and mobility community and decision makers.

The city of Gothenburg hosts one of Europe’s most dynamic mobility clusters. Therefore, POLIS conference will feature these transport and mobility innovation. In conclusion, you will learn about innovation in Environment and Health, Traffic Efficiency, Access, Road Safety and Security and Governance and Integration.  

EIT Urban Mobility’s presence

1 December:

– 11.15-13.00 Maria Tsavachidis, CEO @ Opening Plenary session “Agents of change: Local Leaders initiating Innovation”.
– 14.30-16.00 Dr. Anna Clark, Innovation Manager, moderates: “2H: Managing the Curb”.

2 December:

– 9.00-11.15 Bernadette Bergsma, Director of Communications & EU Affairs, moderates “4H: Moving the Smart City” on 2 December.

In conclusion, come and visit our booth and attend our information session on 1 December at 13.15h. 

When: 1-2 December
Where: Gothenburg, Sweden
Register here >>

Women in Urban Mobility Project – Women decision-making in urban mobility

Join us to learn from referent speakers and discuss on the current situation of women in leadership positions in the field of mobility in this meetup of the project organised in Barcelona!

UPC and CARNET organise the third meetup in Barcelona of the Women in Urban Mobility Project. This project, funded by EIT Urban Mobility and also partnered by UnternehmerTUM and JA Bulgaria, aims at increasing women’s visibility in the field of urban mobility and at creating a network of women working on/interested in this field.

Leading women from the Administration, Public Transportation Services, Academia and private companies will tell us what their current duties are, how they got to their position, what their views on the so-called glass ceiling are, etc. and also debate on related issues.  

In addition, all participants will have the opportunity to intervene and ask/send questions to the speakers.   By participating, you will benefit from:  

  • Good advice
  • Exchange of experiences and know-how
  • Professional networking
  • Education
  • Gain visibility as player in the local network
  • Gain awareness on the topic of “Women in Urban Mobility”  

The event will take place in Casa Seat, Barcelona.

November 15th at 17 h
Casa Seat, Barcelona  
You can find more information about the project in https://www.unternehmertum.de/landingpages/women-in-urban-mobility?x-craft-preview=Ewyn5ALUne&token=DaACkYRuBHBUhAsIcfrm-2i9nxbZGvl_  , where you can also sign up for our newsletter.

Mobility Talks episode 12: Sustainable city logistics

Urban logistics is going through a major shift. The complexity of forthcoming changes will have an impact on all value chain players involved in the process, as overall activities connecting with the deliveries are expected to become more sustainable with minimal carbon footprint. The desired goal in the medium- and long-term perspective, is to set up a mechanism of mutually connected policies and procedures, flexible for adaptation for each unique environment, that would be beneficial for the citizens, consumers, industry players, and other stakeholders.

It is important to understand these changes from the different angles and therefore in this episode of Urban Talks we would like to give space to various players and see their perspective on how they are planning to bring more sustainability in their individual approach.

This will be the core topic of our next Mobility Talks that will take place next 18 November at Tomorrow Mobility World Congress.

Our speakers

Przemyslaw Zawodny, Deputy Director / Chief Research Officer, Lukasiewicz Instytut Logistyki | Magazynowania

Doctor of technical sciences & mechanics, master of applied mathematics, management and production engineering. Przemyslaw Zawodny graduated from the Poznan University of Technology. Experienced in R&D, Przemyslaw has worked in large companies for many years. Currently, Przemyslaw holds the position of Deputy Director/Chief Research Office at Lukasiewicz Institute of Logistics & Warehousing in Poland. Passionate about Innovation, Przemyslaw is still eager to learn and he is a teamwork enthusiast with a holistic view.

Jozef Petras, Svihaj Suhaj, is part of the GO4 team working on projects focusing on a healthy balance of ecological and economic sustainability of the green logistic. GO4 as a largest city courier company in Slovakia, is in the business of urban logistic since 2005. GO4’s company main statement “Mission Zero Emission” is strongly implemented in company values and B2B/B2C operations on a daily basis. 

Basis Blockchain for EIT Urban Mobility

This is a course introducing basic concepts around Blockchain and its applications in the mobility sector that will start on 1 December at 10 am.

Its contents also include a definition of blockchain and its related concepts such as transaction, network and functions with especial emphasis on the transport and mobility sector. It’s free of charge for participants.

It can be followed online here

EIT Urban Mobility will actively participate in the Barcelona Innova Week

On 10 November, in collaboration with Ces4Kids and VOI, we will organise a Citizen Engagement session where young students will participate in different sessions and activities related to mobility. On 11 November, Hub South Director, Daniel Serra, will participate on a panel session where the role of the cities as a lab will be discussed.  

Barcelona Innova Week, formerly Smart City Week, is a Barcelona City Council initiative organised by the municipal foundation BIT Habitat to reflect and experiment on the relationship between people, technology and cities. Through a series of activities, the aim is to reflect on how technologies modify our urban space, the way we interpret it and the way we relate to each other.

Barcelona Innova Week is a space for reflection and dialogue on the model of city we want, where technology is an instrument at the service of people, to move towards a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable urban environment. In order to support the vision of creating more liveable urban spaces and involve citizen since their early age, EIT Urban Mobility organises a session where young students will have the chance to listen to experts, experiment and share their thoughts and ideas about the future of mobility.

Starting from the city as a space for union, for exchange and laboratory of ideas, Barcelona Innova Week will give voice to people and projects that propose new paradigms with a clear goal: to build a more prosperous future, in the broadest sense of the concept, which includes people, tools and spaces. As an experts on the field, we will share our knowledge about the role that cities are playing as big labs nowadays.  

Important note: Sessions will be held in Spanish

EIT Day 2021

EIT day aims to raise awareness and promote EIT, its KICs (Knowledge Innovation Communities) in Spain and their activities, mainly focusing on the impact that these KICs have in their fields and the opportunities they can provide to different entities.

EIT Urban Mobility will participate with the rest of the KICs in Spain, representing the most significant innovation ecosystem in Europe on urban mobility issues, describing the impact and opportunities provided by this public-private partnership of reference in Europe. Daniel Serra, IH South Director, will represent EIT Urban Mobility in this event.

EIT Day is a half-day event where representatives of each one of the KICs will explain their offer and their potential collaborations with different entities: from start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs and large companies, to universities, research centres and more! The event will include the participation of the Secretary General for Innovation, Teresa Riesgo, who is also a member of EIT Headquarters. She will present a keynote speech highlighting the impact of EIT in Europe and its future as a catalyst for innovation in the EU.

In addition, each one of the existing KICs will present their activity and explain the impact that their programmes and actions are reaching. A round table with the 8 representatives will follow these presentations, discussing the present and future relevant challenges. The recently appointed new EIT Representatives in Spain, Guillermo Álvarez and Almudena Agüero, will also present the strategy from Spain in EIT, as well as the new calls for new KICs in the future.

EIT Day will take place on 21 October in the Assembly Hall (Salón de Actos) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, in Madrid, Spain.

Click here for more information regarding the event!

Portugal Mobi Summit

From 20 to 22 October the Portugal Mobi Summit will take place in a virtual environment. This major summit will once again gather in Cascais, including national and international speakers and guests. It will be three days of debates, with the participation of several experts in the fields of sustainable mobility, smart cities, energetic transition, digital transition, innovation together with public transportation policies and urban planning.

EIT Urban Mobility is actively participating at the event on several sessions. Our CEO, Maria Tsavachidis, is one of the invited speakers of the Opening Session that will take place on 20 October. On day two, Daniel Serra, Innovation Hub South director, will lead the session “Sustainable Urban Mobility – what role in the cities of the future?” with a keynote speech. On the last day of the event, our Business Creation Manager, Matteo Consonni, will participate in the panel debate “Innovation funding and acceleration”.

Mobility 2030 – The paradigm is changing, are we?

This year, the Portugal Mobi Summit will highlight how we move from ideas to action. Some of the ideas that will be discussed include: how to plan for a decarbonised city, how to boost energy transition in private and public transportation, how to make the most of the micro-mobility hype, how to reconceive airports and railways, and how individual day to day decisions are crucial to making this happen.

In the last 4 years, the Portugal Mobi Summit has aimed at contributing to positive change, by helping to shift the mindset towards a more ecocentric worldview.

This year the summit will take place online and on-site in Cascais, Portugal.

ENTRANCE Open Competition Now Launched!

The EIT Urban Mobility is project partner of ENTRANCE, a project under Horizon Europe which is designed to mobilise financial resources and boost sustainable innovations in the transport and mobility sectors. To do so, the partnership will create an environment for promoting solutions to find buyers or investors.

Want to learn even more about the ENTRANCE project and platform?

Join the ENTRANCE Platform Launch Webinar hosted by project partner BABLE GmbH to learn more about the ENTRANCE project, the benefits and how to make the most out of the ENTRANCE EU Matchmaking Platform.

Date/Time: Friday, 22 October 2021, 11:00-12:00 CET

Tentative Agenda: (all times in Central European Time)

  • 11:00-11:05 Welcome
  • 11:05-11:15 About the ENTRANCE H2020 Project
  • 11:15-11:45 Presentation of the ENTRANCE platform and its functionalities & benefits
  • 11:45-12:00 Q&A

CIVITAS Forum Conference 2021

The CIVITAS Forum Conference 2021 is taking place in Aachen, Germany, on 20 and 21 October. Over the course of its two days, it will continue the tradition of offering interactive workshops, intriguing sessions, and interesting site visits, whilst introducing exciting new programme elements.

This year’s edition will utilise a hybrid format, combining online and onsite activities, and focuses on “Smart routes towards climate-neutral cities”. This builds on the European Commission’s mission to create 100 climate-neutral cities by 2030, with urban transport and mobility being key elements.

EIT Urban Mobility will be present in CIVITAS Forum Conference 2021 with two sessions:

  • Maria Tsavachidis, CEO of EIT Urban Mobility, participates at the panel discussion of the Opening Plenary, taking place on 20 October at 11.00-12.30 CET. This session will discuss the ambition and opportunities offered by the Horizon Europe Smart and Climate Neutral Cities mission to reach 100 climate-neutral cities by 2030, a strategy which is fully anchored on the European Green Deal to make Europe climate neutral by 2050.
  • Bernadette Bergsma, Director of Communications and EU Affairs, participates at Session 10 Beyond funding – new initiatives and opportunities for synergies, taking place on 21 October at 13.45-15.15 CET (parallel session 4).

You can download the full programme here.

Click here for additional information about CIVITAS Forum Conference 2021!

Citython Lublin 2021

On 14 October, we held the first webinar to present the challenges.

From 22 to 28 October, Lublin will host the fourth and final online edition of Citython 2021, the annual hackathon that brings together urban planners, engineers, data scientists and business creators matched-up in teams challenged to find innovative solutions to the mobility of the future.

From 22 to 28 October, Lublin (Poland) will host the fourth and final online edition of Citython 2021, the annual hackathon that brings together young urban planners, sociologists, engineers, data scientists and business creators matched-up in teams challenged to find out innovative solutions to the mobility of the future. The upcoming event will pay attention to increase the access to Lublin’s green areas and create a green corridor in the city oriented towards a sustainable urban mobility.  

Organised by CARNET (coordinated by CIT UPC) in collaboration with the City of Lublin, the event is funded by EIT Urban Mobility, an innovation community to create more liveable urban spaces supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).