Reciprocity project kick-off event – Keynote speech by IH Central

The Innovation Hub Central director for the EIT Urban Mobility, Judith O’Meara, will give a keynote speech at the beginning of the kick-off event organised by the project Reciprocity, funded by Horizon 2020. The speech will focus on “The importance of smart cities, the challenges and the importance of projects such as RECIPROCITY”.

The RECIPROCITY project addresses the challenges of urbanisation and climate change by initiating innovative mobility solutions in at least 20 European cities. The project is formed by a consortium of 10 European partners, including clusters and research institutions, such as Business Upper Austria, Network Partner of EIT Urban Mobility community.   As local areas have to be empowered with tools, knowledge and contacts to help accelerate the development process of innovative mobility solutions, the RECIPROCITY consortium will organise several events during the next months. In this context the Master Mobility Workshop (Kick-off event) will be the first one.

Stakeholders (i.e. local representatives, policy makers and representatives from economic sectors concerned etc.) from all over Europe are invited to this workshop to discuss how a collaborative approach to smart mobility can improve European cities.

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Women in Urban Mobility Project – Mobility patterns from a gender perspective

Join us online to learn and discuss about mobility patterns from a gender perspective at the first meetup of the project organised in Barcelona!!

The UPC and CARNET organise the first meetup in Barcelona of the Women in Urban Mobility Project. This project, funded by EIT Urban Mobility and also partnered by UnternehmerTUM and JA Bulgaria, aims to increase women’s visibility in the field of urban mobility and at creating a network of women working on/interested in this field.

Great guests from the Public Administration, Public Transportation Services, Academia and private companies will discuss and analyse mobility patterns according to gender, find reasons and consequences of different patterns and define strategies to ensure gender equality in urban mobility. In addition, all online participants will have the opportunity to intervene and send questions to the speakers, which will be answered during a round table discussion.   By participating, you will benefit from: Professional networking, education, exchange of experiences and know-how, gain visibility as player in the local network, and gain awareness on the topic of “Women in Urban Mobility”.

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EcoMotion Week 2021

The EcoMotion Main Event brings together the world’s leading companies pioneering in the Smart Mobility field. With over 500 Startups attending and 150 exhibiting, the event will facilitate many different opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking and countless interactions on the frontier of innovative technologies.

Growing from a one-day event, EcoMotion Week has become one of the most exciting and dedicated mobility weeks globally. EcoMotion Week will feature an attraction of many collaborations, cocktail hours and side events of the smart mobility world, which will peak at the 9th edition of EcoMotion Main Event taking place on 19 May 2021.

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Looking for a More Sustainable Mobility – Citython 2021

Do you want to come up with ideas that will change the future of our urban spaces? On 18 May we will host an introductory webinar for the Eindhoven edition, where we will present in-depth the challenges for this city. 

This event is a Europe-wide initiative, financed by the EIT Urban Mobility. Edwin Heesakkers will give the opening speech and be a member of the Jury. The best talents, including students of the EIT Urban Mobility academic programmes will compete to create the most innovative solutions.  

Citython is a mobility hackathon where experts and students in urban planning, sociology, engineering, data science, and business creation work together to foster innovation in our cities.   During the (online) hackathon days, participants are offered Talks and groups can attend mentoring sessions to receive feedback from experts in the field of urban mobility and data science. At the end, the jury (members of EIT Urban Mobility), public institutions, and experts will award the best solutions.  

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Mobility & Transport Days – virtual information & brokerage event

Traian URBAN, Director of Innovation Hub East, will present EIT Urban Mobility and its key activities and how the organisation transforms the urban mobility sector in Europe. This event will give an overview on EU R&D&I policy developments and funding instruments in transport and mobility field while gathering all relevant stakeholders applying for funding in the Cluster V calls of the HE program. The first day will be focused on EU R&I policy and funding opportunities, the following days will be dedicated to the pitching of the selected applicants and B2B meetings within the brokerage event around Horizon Europe Cluster 5 – Climate, Energy, Mobility calls.  

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EIT Urban Mobility RIS HUB Hungary will participate at Ökoindustira 28-30 April as an Exhibitor!

Would you like to learn more about EIT Urban Mobility RIS HUB Hungary and about the programmes offered?

Join the ÖKOINDUSTRIA Green Fair and Conference series, held from April 28 to 30. EIT Urban Mobility RIS HUB Hungary will be there, join them at the virtual exhibition!

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Workshop ‘EIT Urban Mobility – digital solutions for more liveable urban spaces’ within the event ‘B2B Software Days: The Future of Digital Business’

EIT Urban Mobility – Innovation Hub Central has been invited to join the biggest software B2B event in central Europe this year. We will organise a workshop in which we will increase awareness about our initiative and some of the digital solutions proposed by our partners on the mobility challenges facing our cities.  

The workshop will cover the following topics:   EIT Urban Mobility: who we are, programmes, types of partners, examples of projectsUrban mobility strategy and digital solutions in two smart cities: Munich and ViennaExample of a digital-business start-up supported by EIT Urban Mobility (Vianova).

More than 2,000 international guests are expected to attend the event. Fascinating Keynotes from Ericsson, SAAB, LinkedIn, Amazon, IEEE, City of Vienna and more will be part of the overall event agenda. EIT Urban Mobility hope to attract many of the registered participants to our workshop for them to know more on how EIT Urban Mobility – Innovation Hub Central contribute to accelerate the transition to more liveable urban spaces.  

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Mobility Talks episode 9: Transforming our streets and spaces: how is the public realm moving?

Public realm represents a complex space of social interaction that is generally open and accessible to all citizens, and its quality is seen as key to urban livelihood. The design and distribution of space between the buildings organise the mobility of people and goods around the city, impacting air quality through levels of traffic and congestion.

From this perspective, the recent pandemic, and the tactical urbanism movement it facilitated, helped us get a glimpse of how our reclaimed streets might look like in the future. It also created a momentum for stronger citizen engagement in urban co-creation and inspired new city development concepts, such as the “15-minute city” of Paris and Milan or even a “one minute city” of Stockholm.

Our speakers:


Luca Bertolini, Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Amsterdam.
His research and teaching focus on the integration of transport and urban planning for humane, sustainable and just cities, concepts and practices to enable transformative urban and mobility change, and ways of enhancing collaboration across different academic disciplines and between academia and society.

Join our Mobility Talks 9 taking place online on the 27 May at 16:00 CET

Startups for Urban Innovation

On 20 April, the discussions series on Urban Tech Hub will start. Urban Tech Hub will be the platform to bring together institutions, companies and professionals that promote through innovation and technology the transformation into a new model of sustainable city, and this is promoted by IAAC, Barcelona Tech City and COAC with the goal of connecting the new technologies with urban planning, architecture, mobility or energy.  

18:30h Presentation of UrbanTech Hub in charge of Vicente Guallart (IAAC) and Miquel Martí (Barcelona Tech City)

18:40h Debate with entrepreneurs who bring innovation to the city  

Aldo Solazzo – Noumena
Lucas Carné – 011hRamon Gras – Aretian
Laia Pagès – CARNET
Miriam Roure – Urban XDaniel Serra – EIT Urban Mobility
Moderator: Mar Galtés – Directora de desarrollo corporativo de Barcelona Tech City
Session closing: Assumpció Puig – COAC   *event in Catalan/Spanish    

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Symposium 2021 of the UNITECH Alumni Association

The UNITECH Alumni Association (UAA), a community network with more than 1200 engineering leaders and innovation drivers around the globe, organises its annual Symposium. All the stakeholders will come together to participate in different networking sessions, get inspired and collaborate to drive positive impact.

This year’s Symposium is focused on The Future of Mobility, and expert speakers will discuss about the latest advances in mobility and their impact to society, environment and technology.

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EIT Urban Mobility Round table – Going Global, some tips and strategies for the internationalisation process for mobility startups

Connect with the European entrepreneurial urban mobility ecosystem This Thursday, April 15th, from 11 a.m. to 12pm, we will be hosting a Round Table in the framework of the EIT Urban Mobility Acceleration Program Hub South. The topic covered will be: Going Global, some tips and Strategies for the internationalization process for mobility startups.   We will have experts with a long history and recognition in the Urban Mobility sector who will share their experiences in the internationalization process:   • Timo Buetefisch, CEO of Cooltra • Jaume Mayor, CEO and founder of WeSmartPark • Thibault Castagne, CEO and co-founder of Vianova   The event will be moderated by Matteo Consonni, Business Creation Manager at EIT UM Hub South.   Connect here 
We have organised the event and we’ll be hosting it. We have contacted the three experts that will be sharing their experiences on their internationalization process, and we’ve contacted with Matteo Consonni, Business Creation Manager at EIT UM Hub South and he’ll be moderating the session.  
Connect with the European entrepreneurial urban mobility ecosystem On Thursday, 15 April, from 11 a.m. to 12pm, we will be hosting a Round Table in the framework of the EIT Urban Mobility Acceleration Program Hub South. The topic covered will be: Going Global, some tips and Strategies for the internationalization process for mobility startups.   We will have experts with a long history and recognition in the Urban Mobility sector who will share their experiences in the internationalization process:  

  • Timo Buetefisch, CEO and Cofounder at Cooltra
  • Jaume Mayor, CEO and founder at WeSmartPark
  • Thibault Castagne, CEO and co-founder at Vianova

The event will be moderated by Matteo Consonni, Business Creation Manager at EIT UM Hub South.

Mobility Talks 8: Urban Air Mobility: is the future ready for take-off?

Why Urban Air Mobility is becoming so important in the future mobility of our cities? Which are the potentials and newest trends in the field? How does this potential deal with present regulations? Which is the potential role of EIT Urban Mobility?

Mapping current mobility megatrends that step into the global market, two major fields deserve attention as potential frontrunners of the rapid transition towards sustainable urban commuting and logistics: autonomous vehicles and Urban Air Mobility (UAM). In the field of urban mobility – as in any other – the purpose of massive investments in sector modernization and digitisation is to serve society by revealing possibilities that have been so far out of reach. In both areas, the added value is backed by hi-tech solutions that aim to improve safety, optimise resource consumption, manage space, and ensure passengers´ comfort. In other words, to bring urban and sub-urban commuting to a higher level and build smart cities, i.e., areas where technology supports residents and serves the common good. Discussing air mobility, the cutting-edge driven approach has significant potential to redefine the public realm and build a brand-new model of space we are living in. 

Our next episode of Mobility Talks is addressed to experts, stakeholders and representatives from cities, universities, research institutions, industry, start-ups, public entities and any other organisation and individual citizens involved or interested in Urban Air Mobility.


  • 15-15:05: Welcome & Introduction
  • 15:05-15:20: Keynote
  • 15:20-16:20: Panel Debate
  • 16:20-16:30: Conclusions

Our speakers


Irene Luque Martín, Senior Project Leader at MVRDV

In conjunction with her academic career as PhD in Collaborative urban planning with digital technologies, she has been engaged and working in wide range of planning and architectural offices. At design practice, she implements her expertise in technology and methods by bridging the gap between theory and practice. She develops a wide range of projects related to healthy urbanism and sustainability with a special interest on context such as Latin-American and Global south. Additionally, she carries activities aiming to explore the urbanism of the future.

Christelle Al Haddad, TUM
Research Associate and PhD Candidate at the Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. Christelle Al Haddad is a PhD Candidate and Research Associate (Since 2019) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), where she also received her MSc. in Transportation Systems (2018). She previously earned her Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at the American University of Beirut (AUB, 2015). Her interest in UAM stem from her collaboration with Bauhaus Luftfahrt as part of her MSc., where she studied the factors affecting the adoption and acceptance of UAM.

Gonzalo Velasco – Ferrovial Aeropuertos
As Business Plan and Innovation Director at Ferrovial Airports, Gonzalo leads the development of business plans for the airports in the portfolio and for bidding processes, integrating current and future innovation initiatives into these. He is a member of the Board of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton Airports, and a member of ACI World Economics Committee and the Airports Centre of Excellence Committee. Gonzalo has a Master’s in Aeronautical Engineering and an MBA from IE Business School. 

Corvin Huber, D3Technologies
As multiple company founder, board member, team builder with innovative and convincing concepts, Corvin’s CV combines many years of experience in aircraft construction and high-tech development with profound experience in international business development. In his extensive professional career, Corvin led several German aircraft manufacturers (EXTRA, REMOS, Econoflug) to exits with international investors (UK & US) and managed a small/mid-cap tech investor. Building on his experience as CEO, COO and Managing Director, the Munich native with British and Irish roots founded D3 Technologies AG in July 2019.

Rohit KUMAR, Head of Urban Air Mobility. DG Gouvernance International Economie et Emploi (Toulousse Metropole)

Rohit is responsible for creating a sustainable, green and inclusive environment to develop, demonstrate & deploy the Urban Air Mobility solution for Toulouse Metropole

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