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Closing the knowledge gap

Our Academy is a collaborative arena for lifelong learning, helping to build critical capabilities for innovation and transformation. We are training the next generation of urban mobility practitioners, needed by the urban mobility ecosystem of the future.

Our programmes are intersectoral, interdisciplinary, international and entrepreneurial.


We will close the urban mobility knowledge gap with challenge-based training using the latest education methodologies across disciplines and sectors. Our programmes meet a wide variety of needs, including at master and doctoral levels. We also provide a diverse portfolio of courses for working professionals. Our main vehicles are:

Master School

Our Master School offers a wide-ranging master’s degree in urban mobility and aims to train 500 graduates per year in partnership with ten universities. This EIT labelled challenge-based double degree programme (1st and 2nd year in a different university) includes extensive training in innovation and entrepreneurship. The Master School will open its doors in autumn 2020 starting with 4 universities and 2 tracks. The Master School also includes summer schools held in several European cities addressing critical urban mobility challenges.


Doctoral Training Network

This is an innovation and entrepreneurship programme for doctoral students, as well as a way of building networks. The aim is to train 50 graduates per year. This programme bridges research and innovation and starts in 2020. It includes an annual doctoral forum to facilitate networking within the urban mobility research community and to reach out to cities and industry.


Competence Hub

The Competence Hub offers courses on hot topics in urban mobility for professionals in different sectors, such as project managers, engineers, city executives and entrepreneurs, co-created with our partners throughout Europe. This lifelong learning initiative use a variety of formats including online material in a web-TV channel, online courses, in-project training and co-creation work, as well as more conventional face-to-face seminars. It aims to train 50,000 people per year and to reach a total of 500,000 people per year through its online offers.


Ongoing activities

InnovaCity — Tel Aviv,
Munich and Barcelona

Up to 90 professionals from various sectors will work together over two days at three local hubs to learn how to solve urban mobility challenges in a user-centred way while getting to know the main stakeholders in this area. The three winning teams will visit the EconoMotion Week in Tel Aviv in collaboration with EcoMotion.

Master School
Now open for applications

Together with our university, city and industry partners, we have developed highly innovative and truly European master programmes in urban mobility. Study in two different cities at two leading universities and receive a double-degree. We are open for application until April 16.


Doctoral Training Network

Doctoral students from partner universities are invited to join the Doctoral Training Network, starting in 2020. This is a great opportunity for you to broaden your education horizons by learning innovation and entrepreneurship skills. The initiative aims to bridge the gap between research and innovation and to extend your network within the urban mobility ecosystem. The programme includes a six-month placement for your ongoing research project.