For people who move in different forms of transportation from cars, e-mopeds, e-kick scooters and bicycles; Gocleer provides have created a new mobility insurance category, with a people-centric approach through, no matter how drivers are moving.


Accessible and interurban platform for the management and transparent access of specific parking spots for people with disabilities and the specific regulations applying on each area.

Park4Dis offers mobility technology solutions aimed at supporting municipalities in the management of public spaces, improving PRM users experience and the environment in order to meet the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda.

EOS Smart Connectivity S.L

Eos Connectivity is the next-generation connected mobility platform. We empower mobility operators and OEMs with our API-centric solutions. We create and Manage a Multi brand E-Vehicle API Connectivity platform (IOT, Middleware, API). Integrated with SEAT Code (Giravolta) and Electric Feel platform it makes a complete sharing platform for municipalities and private companies.