EXPIRED! Targeted Projects Manager

This job offer has expired!

The Targeted Projects Manager will report directly to the Director of Innovation for day-to-day line management and strategic direction. The primary focus will be to identify gaps in the existing project portfolio and respond to new and emerging technologies. The manager will work with existing and new community partners to devise suitable projects and plans to address portfolio gaps. This role builds projects and partnerships with a strong commercial focus. The Targeted Projects Manager will play a key role in the innovation management team within headquarters and liaise regularly with the Community and Ecosystem Team in the five regional hubs. Their peer group will consist of the Innovation Lifecycle Manager, the Financial Sustainability Manager, and the Action Impact Group Manager.

Main tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Analyse and identify gaps in the EIT Urban Mobility project portfolio and partner community
  • Work with community partners to deepen relations beyond named interfaces – new teams, divisions and business units
  • Provide detailed technical, commercial and legal justifications for issuing restricted or direct innovation awards
  • Scout for new partners with specific skills and competences in the new or emerging solutions
  • Proactively develop project plans, timelines, KPI and milestones and build partner teams around portfolio gaps
  • Master, manage and document the new EIT process for restricted or direct awards to successful conclusion
  • Issue targeted Expressions of Interest and manage the selection process according to procedures
  • Provide active monitoring, project reporting, commercial performance and compliance on Targeted Projects awarded
  • Liaise with the Financial Sustainability team on product/solution/services issuing from targeted projects
  • Deliver on the assigned core KPIs (Marketed Innovation and SME/start-up Created) and additional KPIs
  • Drive effective messaging on the role of Targeted Projects within the overall innovation portfolio

How to apply

Call for applications and guidelines how to apply for Targeted Projects Manager

Application form – Call for applications and guidelines how to apply for Targeted Projects Manager

Deadline for applications: 18 November 2022

Location: Barcelona, Spain