Start-up Lokit Technology Designs E-Bike Parking Stations in Stuttgart Region

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Stuttgart, Germany, (27 September 2023) – Lokit Technology, an innovative Italian start-up, has unveiled its cutting-edge E-Bike parking stations in the Stuttgart region. The installation of these stations was executed in collaboration with the Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS) as part of the RAPTOR (Rapid Applications for Transport) programme, an initiative by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.

The Lokit Technology E-Bike parking stations offer a convenient and sustainable solution for commuters and residents alike. Users can effortlessly park their E-Bikes at these stations, contributing to a greener and more accessible urban environment.

The RAPTOR project, backed by EIT Urban Mobility, aims to revolutionise urban transportation by introducing innovative and sustainable solutions like Lokit Technology’s E-Bike parking stations. This initiative aligns perfectly with EIT Urban Mobility’s mission to drive innovation and sustainable mobility across Europe. To learn more about Lokit Technology and download their app for using the E-Bike parking stations, please visit:  Link to Lokit Technology App

The mobility challenge answered.

The RAPTOR programme by EIT Urban Mobility, matches niche city urban mobility challenges to solutions from start-ups and SMEs. The Region of Stuttgart entered the RAPTOR programme with this mobility challenge: “How can we change the arrival and departure culture to big events to relieve congestion?”

This year’s edition empowered each of the twelve participating cities, with the support of technical and business advisors, to select the most promising start-ups and SMEs to fit their mobility challenge. The selected innovators then have now the opportunity to develop and test their solutions within the city over a five-month period, with funding of up to €35,000.

The start-up Lokit will install the stations and launch the service for the first day of the festival Cannstatter Volksfest on 22/09. The Lokit team will be present from the 20-26/09 and from the 2-8/10 when the festival ends. They will do targeted online marketing campaigns for the Stuttgart region to announce the service to festival visitors for the 3 weeks.

The Stuttgart Region hosts a multitude of major events throughout the year, attracting tens of thousands or even millions of visitors. Historically, most visitors have relied on personal vehicles or crowded public transport options, often enduring traffic congestion in the process. Regrettably, other mobility alternatives, including bicycles and shared transportation, have played a limited role, largely due to inadequate infrastructure. This congestion during major events not only hampers the overall experience but also poses safety risks for attendees, especially pedestrians and those with mobility challenges. Additionally, it exacerbate the events’ environmental footprint when unsustainable transportation options are the norm.