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Our Academy is a collaborative arena for lifelong learning, helping to build critical capabilities for innovation and transformation. We are training the next generation of urban mobility practitioners, needed by the urban mobility ecosystem of the future. The EIT Urban Mobility Academy has three main areas: the Master School, the Doctoral Training Network and the Competence Hub, as well as a EIT Community/RIS team which supports Academy collaboration with the rest of the EIT Community and Academy development within RIS (Regional Innovation Scheme) countries https://www.eiturbanmobility.eu/ris/.

Our programmes are intersectoral, interdisciplinary, international, and entrepreneurial.

The Competence Hub offers intensive programmes on hot topics in urban mobility and transport to work with professionals from different sectors, such as project managers, engineers, entrepreneurs, or urban planners, co-created by our partners and subcontractors in various locations in Europe.  

As the Professional School Digital Marketing Manager, you will support and report to the Head of the Competence Hub. You will be in charge of the overall design and execution the Competence Hub’s Digital Marketing strategy, focusing mainly on the creation and development of our B2C lead generation and marketing capabilities, as well as the creation and curation of a pan-European community of urban mobility professionals, eager to reskill and upskill. You will therefore define and execute all of actions covering the “B2C commercial life-cycle” of our courses: leveraging existing free learning content and channels (such as the WebTV, our e-courses, social media, etc.) to develop in-bound marketing actions, creating a B2C lead funnel and database, implementing market automation when relevant, developing and coordinating lead generation activities and events (webinars, newsletters, etc.), as well as supporting the commercialisation of our online asynchronous courses and our F2F courses (open/B2C). 

Tasks and responsibilities include:  

  • Assisting the Head of the Competence Hub in the development of a strategic framework relative to the B2C lead generation and community creation life-cycle and go to market of our online training content portfolio, and in the definition of intermediary goals/quotas/KPIs needed to reach the Competence Hub’s overall Impact and Financial Sustainability goal: 500 000 people positively impacted and 2 Million Euros revenue generated annually, by 2027.  
  • Creating and implementing a roadmap/action-plan regrouping all the different tasks and actions necessary to reach the objectives of the strategic framework: from back-office (CRM, tracking/analytics, tools/software/platforms, etc.), to lead generation (market research, in-bound marketing, webinars, newsletters, events, social media, etc.), lead curation (market automation, community creation/management, etc.) and cross-fertilisation (with other EIT Urban Mobility and partner digital channels). 
  • Identifying, involving and managing the relationship with the different providers and agencies, to deliver these B2C marketing/lead-generation actions and reach the goals/KPIs established in the strategic framework. 
  • Building and nurturing a B2C lead/prospect/client database, utilising EIT Urban Mobility’s CRM platform (Netsuite). 
  • Defining and meeting B2C lead generation goals, leveraging on internal outreach capabilities (WebTV, e-courses, EIT Virtual Campus, initiatives and channels handled by EIT Urban Mobility’s Communication team, etc.) and supporting the Professional School Business Development Manager to achieve his B2B lead-generation and sales goals/KPIs. 
  • Leveraging major urban mobility conferences and events (such as Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress) and conducting visits, online/on-site/off-site information sessions, or participating in networking events to identify new leads, both at a B2B and B2C level. 
  • Ensuring optimal synergies with other initiatives from the Academy Master School and Doctoral Training Network, the rest of EIT Urban Mobility, and the EIT Community.  

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Deadline for applications:  24 April 2023

Location: Barcelona (Spain)