Park(ing) Day 2024 set to transform urban spaces during European Mobility Week

Park(ing) Day 2024 is ready to revolutionise cityscapes once again. Set for 20 September 2024, the event aligns with European Mobility Week, underlining the collective effort to enhance urban mobility and liveability.

Park(ing) Day, an initiative from San Francisco, aims to transform metered parking spaces into temporary public parks, art installations, and social hubs. This creative reimagining of urban space encourages dialogue on greenery, pedestrian-friendly environments, and sustainable transportation. For the third year in a row, EIT Urban Mobility collaborates with the initiative. A partnership with the two organising entities in Barcelona, ISGlobal and Espai Ambiental Cooperativa, that is set to catalyse ideas and community engagement, paving the way for people-centric cities. The Barcelona city council supports the event.

Be part of Park(ing) Day

Participating in Park(ing) Day is not just about reclaiming urban spaces for recreation, interaction, and reflection. It’s about being part of a movement that sparks conversations and inspires positive change. Whether you contribute through pop-up parks, street performances, or interactive installations, your involvement can make a difference.

Mark your calendars for 20 September and join the movement towards a more sustainable and inclusive urban future.

For more information on how to participate or become involved, please visit the official Park(ing) Day website. Stay tuned for updates from EIT Urban Mobility and partnering organisations.