How 5GMED is contributing to disrupt future mobility

Future mobility combines technology, infrastructure, and services to offer a better and more effective mobility experience. This involves utilising electric and driverless vehicles, intelligent transportation networks, and creating new services that will completely change how we move.

Businesses pushing the boundaries of conventional transportation systems are the game changers in this industry. Also numerous start-ups are also utilising innovative technology to provide cutting-edge mobility solutions.

To reach the future of mobility, we need to change how we think about transportation and prioritise the environment, safety, comfort, and its cost-effectiveness. This necessitates the incorporation of fresh services, technology, infrastructure and, public-private collaborations, spending on research and development. The implementation of new legislation also needs to receive more attention.

EIT Urban Mobility 5GMED programme

For the past ten years, the start-up ecosystem has been fast evolving as technology and innovation have fundamentally altered how businesses are run. As a result, more start-ups are emerging in cities worldwide, many of which are devoted to creating original answers to problems facing modern society. 

The 5GMED project is a prime illustration of how EIT Urban Mobility influences future transportation direction. Through this initiative, we are collaborating with partners to create 5G-enabled services that will give drivers more significant information so they can plan their routes and travel times more effectively. The initiative is also utilising Big Data and Machine Learning to raise our transportation networks’ sustainability, efficiency, and safety. 


This program is designed to create an environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship in urban mobility. The 5G Turbo program provides financial support to start-ups working on projects related to 5G, connected vehicles, autonomous driving, and other related areas.

The 5G Turbo programme has already greatly influenced the start-up ecosystem in Europe by giving businesses working on ground-breaking solutions for urban mobility access to crucial funds and resources. The programme offers access to networks of investors and possible partners, financial help, mentorship, and advice from subject-matter experts. 

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