EIT Urban Mobility City Dating for Startups

After the success of last year’s City Dating event, EIT Urban Mobility has facilitated the next iteration of the event with 25 startups from the EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator Programme Batch #2!

The online event was dedicated to connecting city representatives with startups providing solutions to today’s urban mobility challenges. For this, EIT Urban Mobility in close collaboration with UnternehmerTUM, provided a platform for cities to share the real-world urban mobility challenges they are facing today and in the future:

  • give insights on success stories & best practices of pilot projects they have conducted with other startups in the past
  • Give tips to the participating startups on how to best collaborate with their city and provide a first point of contact

At the same time startups were given the opportunity to:

  • share their proposed solutions with the cities and
  • meet the city representatives to identify potential joint activities or pilot projects


14:00 – 14:05 Welcome & Introduction / Keynote by Johannes Kirschner (EIT Urban Mobility) & Robert Kitson (UnternehmerTUM)

14:05 – 15:00 Presentations by city representatives with a focus on:

  • City of Munich
  • City of Milan (AMAT)
  • Toulouse Metropole
  • Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
  • City of Ostrava

15:00 – 16:00 Speed-dating between start-ups and city representatives

Participating Startups:

 Team   Website  
 ASIMOB  http://asimob.es/ 
 Awake Mobility   https://www.awakemobility.de/ 
 Bia Power  https://www.biapower.io/ 
 Blink Last Mile  https://www.blinklastmile.com/ 
 BlueDot  https://thebluedot.co/ 
 BringAuto  https://www.bringauto.com 
 Dashfactory GmbH  https://www.dashbike.de 
 FS-E (FSE Holding S.A.)  https://www.fs-e.pl/en 
 Gordian Logistics Optimisation Systems  https://www.thegordian.io/ 
 InnoBrain  http://www.cogniuse.com 
 Meter Solutions Kft  https://met3r.com/ 
 Moovster GmbH  http://moovster.com 
 MUV B Corp  https://www.muvgame.com/en/ 
 OTIV  https://www.otiv.ai 
 Pavnext  https://www.pavnext.com/ 
 Peregrine Technologies  https://peregrine.ai/ 
 Qarin BV  https://www.qarin.nl 
 QLX GmbH  http://www.smarttrass.com/qlx 
 Securaxis  https://www.securaxis.com 
 Skialabs  https://www.skialabs.com 
 Skipit   https://skipit.cc 
 Solum  https://www.solumpv.com 
 Swugo  https://www.swugo.com 
 Teleport Mobility   https://www.teleportmobility.eu 
 XYZ Dynamics B.V  https://xyzdynamics.nl/