Business Creation

Turning innovation into businesses

Taking tomorrow’s mobility solutions to the market

Our Business Creation programme will develop a start-up friendly environment with the ultimate aim of boosting the competitiveness of Europe’s mobility industry.

Business Creation aims to become the reference in the market for transforming innovative mobility projects into the most successful business models through the creation of start-ups or scale-up of existing businesses. Our tools are:

  • Resources for start-ups and scale-ups
  • Knowledge and training
  • Funding
  • Networking

We support the lifecycle of start-ups through the phases of acceleration, incubation and scale-up and through our own investment tool.


Our vehicles for business creation are:

Accelerator programme

Support for start-ups working on innovative mobility solutions:

  • Business coaching, training and mentoring
  • Access to living labs and cities for the creation of new products and services
  • Technology and market validation, product-market fit, access to customers
  • Access to financial investors and funds
  • Co-working spaces
  • Use of local ecosystems/infrastructure/accelerators to drive growth and internationalisation



Providing financial support for early business creation:

  • Matching innovative ideas with different funding options from a pool of local, public funders
  • Facilitating access to private venture capital too
  • Creating an EIT Urban Mobility investment fund


Enabling global outreach and business opportunities:

  • Organising travel opportunities for urban mobility start-ups and scale-ups looking to internationalise
  • Welcoming start-ups and scale-ups targeting Europe
  • Facilitating attendance at third-party events such as a Smart City Congress


Scale-up Hub

Long-term collaboration through its alumni network

  • The scale-up package includes:
    • – Access to end-users of innovation
    • – International pilot customer
    • – Landing pad for internationalisation
    • – Support in dealing with regulation and country-specific administration


Our business creation targets for 2026 are:

180 start-ups supported by EIT Urban Mobility
40 start-ups created as a result of innovation projects
55 start-ups created by students and graduates of EIT Urban Mobility education programmes

€ 50 million of revenues generated by start-ups supported by EIT Urban Mobility

200 investments secured by Finance2Move

Ongoing activities

Updates and news related to Business Creation activities will be shared here.