Welcome to the EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator programme, Batch #3 start-ups!

From more than 110 applications from all over Europe and associated countries, EIT Urban Mobility has selected 25 promising start-ups to be part of the third cohort of the 6-month Accelerator Programme.

Starting this month, the teams will benefit from financial support, mentoring, coaching, expert workshops, free office space, access to local ecosystems and infrastructure, and a lot more, provided by the acceleration partners in the five Innovations Hubs.

Please join us in welcoming the 25 teams of Batch #3 – all of whom are dedicated to solving mobility-related problems with innovations that make our lives easier and happier!

Innovation Hub Central start-ups

AirCar (Turkey) – aircar.aero

AirCar’s core philosophy is to build the best aircraft and infrastructure for urban air mobility for time saving and zero-emission future. The company develops autonomous electric airtaxi for up to four passengers.

cogniBIT (Germany) – cognibit.de

CogniBIT simulates human cognition and behavior in traffic to make autonomous cars safe in the interaction with human road users.

Delivers.ai (Turkey) – delivers.ai

Delivers.ai is designed to autonomously deliver food and grocery from shops to your doorstep, combining state of the art next-gen navigation technology with appealing design.

Hopper Mobility (Germany) – hopper-mobility.com

The Hopper combines the best of car and bicycle: comfortable, fast, rainproof and environmentally friendly to the destination. As a bicycle, it is the perfect solution for individual urban mobility.

VePa – Vertical Parking (Germany) – vepa.space

VePa provides the most sustainable and space-efficient parking infrastructure for cities, companies and institutions, facilitating  transition from traditional to emission-free mobility.

The Hub Central start-ups are accelerated by the partners UnternehmerTUM / XPRENEURS, ENEA, ISBAK, PoliHub, and TU Munich.


Innovation Hub East start-ups

Atlas Aero (Germany) – atlasaero.eu

Atlas Aero is building Origin – an airplane which combines the advantages of fixed-wing aircraft with vertical take-off and landing capabilities leading to unrivaled efficiency in forward flight.

Block (Hungary) – blockcity.tech

Block provides smart and secure bicycle racks to foster a sustainable and smart urban mobility, making cyclists’ life worry-free and convenient.

Cargio industries s.r.o (Czech Republic) – cargio.cz

Cargio provides a flexible subsription service for cargobikes that takes care of everything except pedalling.

Prepravto (Czech Republic) – prepravto.cz

Prepravto focuses on smart urban transport of goods reloading half-empty trucks along their regular city shipping routes to avoid empty runs.

Unmanned System Bulgaria (Bulgaria) – unmannedsystems.bg

Unmanned System Bulgaria offers bridging service to all airspace users, drone operators included, with the Aviation authorities to ease flight approval and authorization process.

The Hub East start-ups are accelerated by the partners Zone Cluster, EcoMotion, PowerHUB and SpinLab.


Innovation Hub North start-ups

Aerit (Sweden) – aerit.io

Aerit provides last-mile delivery to logistically challenging communities using our environmentally friendly autonomous drone network.

Cogo (Denmark) – cogoapp.io/

Cogo is an app gathering all shared scooters, bikes, cars and moped as long as they are human or electric powered, making it easy and seamless to move around cities the green way.

TechNovator (Poland) – technovator.co/

TechNovator has invented unique method of energy transfer that allows us to charge drones, e-scooters, other high-powerful devices simultaneously at 0,5 meter distance with efficiency – 95% without cables.

Theo (Germany) – heytheo.co

Theo provides teleoperated, delivery robots as a service for on-demand urban logistics. The extremely durable trikes can carry a 100 kg payload speeding up to 20 kmph with a range of 135 km per charge. Our bot is designed to meet e-bike regulations, maximising functionality and safety.

Zeabuz (Norway) – zeabuz.com

Zeabuz develops technology that will enable urban, zero-emission passenger ferries to be operated unmanned, anywhere, 24/7.

The Hub North start-ups are accelerated by the partners Aalto Startup Center, Aalto University, City of Helsinki, KTH Innovation, and City of Stockholm.


Innovation Hub South start-ups

Deeptraffic (Greece) – deeptraffic.io

Deeptraffic offers a dynamic traffic management as-a-service platform.

Inteligg PC (Greece) – inteligg.com

Intelligg developed a monitoring system that uses a portable device on e-bikes to collect spatial and temporal data about air pollution concentrations through crowdsourcing techniques. A real-time feedback about air pollution information in their area of interest via an app is provided to users.

Pendel mobility (Spain) – pendelmobility.com

Pendel provides a Demand – Responsive Transport system with automated shuttles to complement the public transport system with an integrated app for on-demand ride hailing for their shuttles.

MinervaS (Spain) – minervas.it

MinervaS is the university spin-off that offers innovative solutions in the energy and automotive sectors towards the reduction of CO2 and the on-board energy management.

Volvero (Italy) – volvero.com

Driven by the power of sharing, Volvero connects owners (private and businesses) and drivers of vehicles in a simple, reliable and innovative way.

The Hub South start-ups are accelerated by the partners UPC – Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council, CARNET, CTAG and Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).


Innovation Hub West start-ups

BAQME (Netherlands) – baqme.com/en

BAQME is a sharing platform that provides on-demand access to electric box bikes, without people having to buy or lease and cope with ownership inconveniences.

Citysteps B.V. (Netherlands) – citysteps.app

With a structured way of incorporating shared mobility to the urban space, Citysteps improves traffic flow management offering driving comfort and modern design to the user.

LMAD (France) – lmad.eu

LMAD enables logisticians to harness the business shift of using autonomous vehicles to deliver goods through a software platform managing and optimizing autonomous delivery robots on the last-mile.

TripleTread (UK) – tripletread.com

Triple Tread® is an innovative, patent protected & award winning trike, designed to motivate the ageing population & those unable to balance to enjoy the physical & psycho-social benefits of cycling.

Urbex (UK) – urbex.city

Urbex is an integrative platform able to learn from urban interventions to support better and faster decisions by integrating machine learning to the observations and acquired data.

The Hub West start-ups are accelerated by the partners Eindhoven University of Technology TU/e, Brainport Eindhoven, City of Amsterdam and AMS Institute.


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