The Accelerating long-lasting change report is the first edition of the Urban Mobility Next series, that provides practitioners with exclusive content on cutting edge urban mobility issues.

The report is based on the insights and experience of EIT Urban Mobility partners, exploring pathways for the urban mobility transition, including main bottlenecks that need to be addressed and opportunities that can be seized.

The paper is built around the structural determinants of mobility transformations, and the objective of shaping liveable urban spaces, a long-term goal for EIT Urban Mobility. It explores improvement potentials in areas relating to urban mobility planning processes, infrastructure deployment, stakeholder interactions, and the piloting of innovative solutions.

The report also addresses current mobility trends and new collaboration methods that offer opportunities to shape more liveable urban spaces, and to drive a lasting change in urban mobility for people and goods. Transformation areas are illustrated with specific projects supported by EIT Urban Mobility, that contribute to the sustainable urban mobility transition through real-world transformation and best practice sharing.