The Urban Mobility Innovation Framework 1.0 released!

Cities and startups are natural partners for driving the next wave of innovation that has the potential to improve the lives of billions of people

Are you a startup, aspiring founder or organisation working in the Urban Mobility/Govtech/B2G space? Or just generally interested in driving innovation in cities and municipalities?

An interdisciplinary team at UnternehmerTUM and MakerSpace supported by EIT Urban Mobility has been interviewing startups and city representatives over the past few months, trying to understand the challenges facing both groups and what can be done to simplify collaboration and accelerate the implementation of new solutions. Along the way, we’ve spoken to some very interesting people, uncovered key trends and a whole list of challenges that cities are facing. These learnings have resulted in The Urban Mobility Innovation Framework 1.0 – a framework to help cities/municipalities more quickly identify problems and co-create solutions.

We’ve summarised the partner interviews, trends, painpoints and challenges in a whitepaper titled ‘Going Small to Go Big’. Special thanks to EIT Urban Mobility, Ilona Kemps, Marius Sylvestersen, Uwe Montag, Manuela Hiesch, Adrienne Schmoeker, Daan Wijnants, Julien Piacentino, Phillippe Rapin, Robin Chase, James Hill, Daniel Wolpert, Florian Becke, Vincent Zenkner and Michael Lorentschk.

Download the whitepaper here.

We’re also launching our first pre-incubation programme for startups working on solutions in this space. The EIT Urban Mobility Prototyping Crash Course is a virtual programme which helps early-stage innovators and startups in the Urban Mobility, Govtech, & B2G fields bridge the gap between the initial idea and the MVP/ pilot project phase. Promising teams and individuals will also have the opportunity to participate in the XPlore Bootcamp and receive support and coaching in developing their business plans, MVP & marketing strategies, presentation & pitch coaching. Applications for the Xplore Pre-Incubation programme close on 29 August 2021.