The city of Madrid implements five urban mobility solutions thanks to the #ChallengeMyCity programme.

Designed by EIT Urban Mobility, #ChallengeMyCity is an innovative programme implemented in Madrid, after successful pilots in Toulouse (France) and Milano (Italy). The programme is designed to promote sustainable mobility and encourage citizens to use alternative transportation methods. It enables European cities to test innovative mobility solutions that target their needs and can be integrated into their long-term mobility strategy. Over 10 innovative solutions have already been implemented through #ChallengeMyCity in Milano, Toulouse, and Madrid.

The programme works by providing incentives for citizens to switch from driving to alternative transportation methods, such as public transport, cycling and walking. By encouraging citizens to switch from driving to alternative transportation, the programme has helped to reduce the number of cars on the roads, which in turn has led to a decrease in harmful emissions. Overall, the #ChallengeMyCity programme has been a successful initiative in Madrid. 

Five start-ups – Vadebike, Solum, SmartPoint, Dashfactor and Vianova – three of them Spanish, and a total of seven projects, have been selected through an open competition at European level whose objective is to implement these services in open mobility environments over the next six months. These projects will collect anonymised data on their use and will analyse the environmental, economic, and social benefits they can bring to each city.

With the success of the programme in Madrid in 2022, the programme will be implemented in Braga, Vitoria and Greece in 2023. 

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