Special Interest Groups


The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) is an initiative by EIT Urban Mobility, designed to shape the future mobility landscape by fostering public-private collaboration, addressing key urban mobility trends. The SIGs align with the scope of EIT Urban Mobility to create more liveable places, tackle urban mobility challenges and accelerate change.

The SIGs are thematically organised to mirror the Future Mobility Challenge Area:

Urban Air Mobility
While the pivotal role of public transport and active mobility for the green transition is undisputed, the innovative sector of urban air mobility is still to prove its utility. Given the fast pace of innovation, air mobility is expected to become a reality in Europe within 3-5 years and air space above cities could become an extension of public space on the ground.

Hydrogen in Cities
Closing the price gap between carbon emitting technologies and green hydrogen is one of the most pressing near-term challenges. Green hydrogen is a significant enabler for the spread of renewable energy and can be a key technology to help decarbonise hard-to-abate sectors in cities (e.g., transport and heavy industries).

Mobility Data Spaces
To accelerate the transition towards more sustainable and smarter mobility, it is essential to unlock the potential of mobility data. Creating a common European data space for mobility will facilitate access, pooling, and sharing of mobility and transport data.


Example of SIGs activitites

Providing expert feedback
to EU initiatives on relevant
policies and regulatory framework.

Disseminating and promoting the ideas
and priorities of the SIG.
(e.g., Dissemination report, Thought
Leadership Study, training)

Participating as speakers
in EIT Urban Mobility events.
(e.g., Mobility Talks, Tomorrow Mobility)

Identifying proposal possibilities
within AIGs and/or open
EIT Urban Mobility calls.

For questions and further information, contact: sig@eiturbanmobility.eu