S+LOADZ – accelerating intelligent and sustainable city logistics  

  • S+LOADZ was tested, for the first time in a real urban environment, last month of June in the Catalan city of Vic. Other pilots will be done in Paris, France, Ankara, Istanbul, and mid-sized cities such as Argenteuil within the Greater Metropolitan Area of Paris, to test varying conditions and address different challenges specific to each location. 

  • Co-funded by EIT Urban Mobility and led by FACTUAL, the innovation project S+LOADZ aims to provide both operational and environmental KPIs to accelerate the shift to Sustainable and Digital City Logistics.

Designing the future of sustainable city logistics

Sustainable city logistics play a crucial role in making cities more liveable and attractive. They must support the consolidation of freight movements and waterways to deliver commodities to and from the city, and contribute to creating more liveable cities with zero-emission vehicles.

A thorough and integrated understanding of the objectives of the (different actors) concerning city logistics, the distribution network, the planning and control of that network, the planning processes, information and communications technology, and organisational structure is necessary to develop city logistics solutions. The regulations set out by the municipal and supralocal authorities are another crucial component of city logistics.

S+LOADZ aims to accelerate the shift towards more sustainable and innovative city logistics based on the complete digital transformation of parking spaces for urban delivery with advanced features tested in several cities and their metropolitan areas, covering different use cases and use case scenarios.

Its objective is ambitious: manage the high demand for logistics parking spaces by achieving a 30% increase in parking rotation and availability, a 50% reduction in illegal parking and an improved economic situation for cities as curbside spaces are used more effectively.

The S+LOADZ project allows analysing and testing of different approaches to variable and dynamic parking rules in more than 500 sustainable delivery zones (also known as S+ LOADZ) by leveraging and advancing the technology provided by Parkunload.

Co-Funded by EIT Urban Mobility, the project is led by FACTUAL. Métropole du Grand Paris, Ville de Paris, Belka A.S (technology and mobility company from Ankara), Ajuntament de Vic Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO and Université Gustave Eiffel from the research sector are some of the EIT Urban Mobility partners involved in the project. Parkunload as commercialisation partner; Artech Consulting, Keita and Ferrovial to support the scalability of the proposed innovative solution made up the final list of partner entities involved in the consolidation of the project

More info: https://sloadz.com