Our Solutions Catalogue is live  

The first issue of the Solutions Catalogue has been released, gathering over thirty innovations developed within the EIT Urban Mobility community! The featured solutions are readily available for implementation and have demonstrated a high potential for environmental, social and economic impact.  

To reach our collective 2030 emission reduction targets, this decade requires accelerated innovation to shift towards sustainable urban mobility. The mobility sector must also address its impact beyond climate and improve in other key topics, including safety, use of public space, and access for vulnerable users. 

A profound remodelling is therefore required, directly affecting and involving cities. 

EIT Urban Mobility is committed to supporting cities in this necessary transition. With this catalogue, cities are provided with solutions that help them tackle their greatest mobility challenges. The available innovations are aligned with EIT Urban Mobility’s strategic criteria to ensure they lead to creating more sustainable, liveable urban spaces. 

The available innovations are labelled with EIT Urban Mobility’s Challenge Areas. This includes the four prioritised areas (Active mobility, Sustainable city logistics, Future mobility and Mobility and energy), as well as the five additional areas (find out more in the catalogue). The solutions also span a variety of topics which have proven to be a key priority in cities worldwide: Monitoring and reducing carbon emissions, with solutions from Hopu, Allihop or Volvero; promoting behaviour-change among citizens, with Nudgd or Veomo; digitalising mobility management, with solutions from Vianova, Meight or Fluctuo; transitioning to new modes of energy, enabled by Bia, Elonroad or Evio; and many more.  

In order to ensure the utmost quality of the featured solutions, they must all pass an assessment evaluating their market-readiness and potential for positive impact. Cities are therefore provided with a list of available innovations ready to directly benefit their citizens.  

Discover these solutions here!