Nearly 750 partners apply for the EIT’s HEI Initiative’s Pilot Call for Proposals

We are pleased to announce that the EIT’s HEI Initiative’s Pilot Call for Proposals has received a total of 64 applications from across Europe. Here are some additional figures about the participating partners: 

  • a total of 319 higher education institutions (291 full partners and 28 associated partners); 
  • a total of 429 non-academic organisations (103 full partners and 326 associated partners), including companies, research institutes, HEI associations, and public bodies; 
  • a total of 36 countries (26 EU Member States and 10 non-EU countries). 

Thank you to everyone who submitted their proposals for unlocking the potential of higher education in Europe. The Pilot Call results will be announced on the HEI Initiative website on 12 July. The initiative is expected to announce another call towards the end of 2021. 


The HEI Initiative is a new EIT initiative for which a Pilot Call for Proposals was launched in March 2020. This call invited higher education institutions to design activities that will improve their entrepreneurial and innovation capacity. 

The call will fund 24 pilot projects to be implemented in 2021−2023. The total maximum budget per project is €1.2 million, broken down as follows: €400,000 for Phase 1 (July−December 2021) and €800,000 for Phase 2 (January 2022−July 2023).