Mobility Talks episode 14: Multimodal digital mobility services

Multimodal digital mobility services make shared mobility more accessible to users by bundling different modes and mobility providers in a single booking experience. Rolling out such services across European cities has the potential to significantly increase the attractiveness of shared mobility services – from public transport to micromobility – so they can compete with private car ownership. Yet implementing multimodal digital mobility services is often a slow and complex process, involving various public and private sector actors.

This edition of Mobility Talks will focus on the building blocks for the development and deployment of multimodal digital mobility services, such as Mobility-as-a-Service applications. Cooperation between different layers of the mobility ecosystem will be central to the discussions. Attendees will get the chance to hear the perspectives from the local to the European level and ask speakers their recommendations to enable smoother and more user-friendly multimodal mobility.

Stay tuned!