Market Development

Leveraging solutions around the world

Scaling solutions to urban mobility challenges

EIT Urban Mobility Market Development supports the deployment of innovative solutions that drive sustainable mobility in cities.

We achieve this by:

  • matching relevant products to specific needs through our digital marketplace and physical matchmaking activities
  • promoting best practices in our foresight and mobility workshop solutions
  • scouting relevant opportunities to support innovations with the adequate funding sources

Thanks to our tailored services, we help the right solutions scale and adapt to diverse regulatory, policy, and technical environments.

Future Mobility Foresight

The Market Development, with its partners from world leading universities, research organisations, industry, and cities, provides reports with practical insights on current challenges and future solutions to support efforts by cities to provide world-class mobility to their citizens.
The EIT Urban Mobility Market Development partners with organisations and solution providers to co-create and co-disseminate high quality contents to targeted stakeholders through high impact activities.

Contact: Mr. Yoann Le Petit,

Digital Marketplace

The digital marketplace is the “Go-to shop" for new urban mobility solutions developed, tested and validated within the EIT Urban Mobility ecosystem, and beyond.
Visitors, Cities, investors and industry partners will be able to find and share best practices, innovative products and services for sustainable mobility, and innovation pilots tackling the most important challenges faced by global cities in urban mobility.

Contact: Mr. Philipp Schmitz,

Custom mobility workshops

To highlight mobility solutions, their benefits and deployment needs, in the strategic discussions between cities, industry, startups, and experts, the EIT Urban Mobility Market Development offers custom workshops to create new opportunities for cooperation between the private and public sectors.
Set up to facilitate independent expert discussions on cutting-edge urban mobility issues, the Market Development workshops include a wide range of joint dissemination and exploitation actions. Click here for more information.

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Contact: Mr. Yoann Le Petit,

Physical Marketplace

If you are planning your next move for developing, implementing or upscaling urban mobility solutions, the EIT Urban Mobility Market Development provides you access to its partners, findings and scalable solutions. Get in touch to find what you need to get further, faster.

Contact: Ms. Natalia Gozdur,

Funding opportunities

The EIT Urban Mobility Market Development supports scaling up of high-potential urban mobility solutions by facilitating access to new funding opportunities other than our calls for proposals. With our client-centered approach, we help our partners to navigate complex funding schemes and matchmake with suitable counterparts to optimize their chances of success.

Contact: Ms. Veronika Stepkova,