LivingLAPT unveils vision for sustainable autonomous shuttle services across Europe

Prague, Czech Republic – LivingLAPT, an ambitious international research project co-founded by EIT Urban Mobility, is thrilled to announce its vision to bring sustainable and transferable autonomous shuttle and logistics services to numerous European cities. The goal is to phase out onboard safety operators, transitioning instead to remote operators who can oversee multiple services simultaneously.

LivingLAPT is gearing towards a transformative phase in urban mobility. By focusing on key stakeholders
ranging from the general public keen on experiencing autonomous shuttle rides, to municipalities and corporations intrigued by the potential of autonomous passenger transport, and businesses eyeing autonomous solutions for goods and cargo delivery, LivingLAPT is shaping the future of European transport.

On 19 September 2023, the Ceremonial opening of the operation of autonomous shuttles took place in Prague, followed by a demonstration of a delivery robot.

The pilot programme in Prague has already showcased the potential of autonomous transportation, providing rides for the public in autonomous shuttles with over 2,400 passengers experiencing the future of transportation. Survey feedback highlighted that a majority of passengers expressed interest in using the service for short commutes.

LivingLAPT at the Prestigious International Engineering Fair in Brno, Czech Republic

Thanks to the generous support and collaboration from BVV (Brno Trade Fairs) and the City of Brno,
LivingLAPT had the golden opportunity to be a significant part of the International Engineering Fair at Brno Expo. Their endorsement and provision of this platform are a testament to the innovation’s importance and the future of autonomous mobility solutions in Europe. Furthermore, their active involvement underscores LivingLAPT’s critical role in shaping policy discussions and urban development strategies in Europe.

At the International Engineering Fair in Brno, Miloš Vystrčil, President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, and Josef Síkela, Minister of Industry and Trade, explored the LivingLAPT project first-hand.

About LivingLAPT

LivingLAPT aims to deliver sustainable driverless shuttle/logistics services among various European cities. This will be achieved through a robust transnational safety framework as well as promoting user acceptance and trust in close collaboration with citizens, cities, operators, academia, industry, and policy makers.

LivingLAPT project collaborates with universities (University College London, Ghent University), self-driving vehicle suppliers (Aurrigo, BringAuto), cities (Prague, Brno, Říčany, Kongsberg, Milton Keynes), research organisations (PowerHUB), companies (Lab Box, Applied Autonomy, Future Mobility Network) as well as exhibition grounds operators (Veletrhy Brno, Výstaviště Praha).

Learn more about the LivingLAPT project here.