EIT Urban Mobility’s ScaleTHENGlobal programme is looking for the 15 urban mobility startups with the most potential to improve European cities

The mobility companies accelerator programme aims to take the selected start-ups to the next level by helping them find funding and giving them visibility to potential investors. The 15 selected companies will get services valued at more than €20,000, as well as the opportunity to be one of three companies in the programme to receive funding of up to €50,000 to implement their pilot project in a real city environment. The application period is open until 2 May.

EIT Urban Mobility, supported by EIT and funded by the European Union, aims to provide innovative solutions to accelerate the transition of mobility towards a truly multimodal, integrated and user-centred transport system. For this reason, the call for the ScaleTHENGlobal acceleration programme has been opened, framed in the Business Creation category of the projects promoted.

The programme, in which 20 pan-European start-ups will participate, is currently looking for the 15 most promising emerging companies in Europe in the field of urban mobility and will boost them by helping to deal with the day-to-day challenges of mobility in Europe, giving them the possibility to implement their solutions in partner cities. In this way, the goal of the ScaleTHENGlobal Programme is to take mobility companies to the next level by offering them a coaching and mentoring programme and, above all, by helping them to attract new investments thanks to the EIT Urban Mobility network and access to mobility innovation projects in European cities.

ScaleTHENGlobal is also a gateway for participant companies to make themselves known to potential investors, customers and partners by participating in key urban mobility events in Europe, such as the Startup World Cup in Prague, the ITS World Congress in Hamburg or the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. In addition, ScaleTHENGlobal participants will receive support services worth more than €20,000 – provided by the programme partners -, access to the 5GLabBraWo lab (Brunswick, Germany) and attendance at internal events organised by EIT Urban Mobility.

Among the European participants, the three startups that present the strongest pilot project during the programme will be selected. These will receive up to €50,000 in funding – from Finance2Move – to be implemented in partner cities such as Barcelona, Hamburg, Munich or Ostrava. In addition, the five best candidate companies will also be selected for an internationalisation package, which includes investment sessions and participation in the Reuters Events Mobility in the United States.

Companies wishing to participate in ScaleTHENGlobal can register until 2 May.

The programme will be complemented by the selection of 5 non-European participants, who will receive a dedicated package. The application for these participants will be opened at a later stage.

ScaleTHENGlobal is supported by EIT Urban Mobility and is a programme led by CARNET (initiative coordinated by CIT UPC), with the collaboration of PowerHub, Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research, UnternehmerTUM, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Niedersächsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik (NFF), Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg and the City of Hamburg, with the support of Xpreneurs, UnternehmerTUM Digital Hub Mobility and SpinLab.

For more information about ScaleTHENGlobal and registration, please visit https://www.eiturbanmobility.eu/business-creation/scalethenglobal/