EIT Urban Mobility Podcasts

EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hub East, together with some of its partners, has prepared a series of podcasts to talk about different urban mobility challenges of this age and how the innovation projects led by Innovation Hub East’s partners contribute to a more sustainable model of urban mobility, and more livable urban spaces.

Urban Mobility Episode 1: In the first episode of Urban Mobility Podcast we focus on the challenges we face every day and provide deep insights on how the EIT Urban Mobility is supporting startups that seek solutions to bring us closer to a more modern liveable urban spaces and more sustainable mobility.

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Urban Mobility Episode 2: Modern times call for modern solutions. Everyone living in a city can see, that the cities all around the world are changing. What can we do to make the most of the change and move forward to the much needed transformation of the cities into more liveable and less burdensome for the environment? One of the necessary things is collaboration with research and academic institutions, being open to their innovations and helping to put the revolutionary ideas in use. How is it done within the EIT Urban Mobility community? Let’s find out in the second episode of the Urban Mobility Podcast!

Available in Google Play, Apple Store, Info.cz website