EIT Urban Mobility courses win at 2022 LearnX Awards

Two online courses developed by EIT Urban Mobility and RMIT Europe won Best eLearning Project and Best eLearning Design at the 2022 LearnX Awards. The global annual awards are given to course designers and educators that demonstrate innovation, and new practices and technologies that support talent development. 

Urban Mobility for Liveability – a five-week online course for urban planning professionals and city officials, received the Platinum Award for both Best eLearning Project and Best eLearning Project for Industry

Since its launch on 24 January 2021, the course has reached 200+ learners from 35 countries.  Their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Participants that filled out the end-of-course survey said they had gained new knowledge or skills (100% of the total number of respondents), and all students said they have applied what they learned. 

Meanwhile, Bringing Urban Nature into the Cities of Tomorrow – a two-week course for urban planning professionals and city officials aligned with the principles of the New European Bauhaus received the Diamond Award for both Best eLearning Design and Best eLearning Design for Industry

There was also high praise from learners with 96% of respondents from the end-of-course survey saying they gained new knowledge or skills by taking the course. 

These award-winning courses are offered by the EIT Urban Mobility Competence Hub which upskills and reskills mobility professionals to empower them to boost their careers. To close the mobility knowledge gap, EIT Urban Mobility works with top European and global experts, consultancies, and universities – such as RMIT Europe – to produce courses that are impact-oriented, practical, and adapted to the needs of mobility professionals from the public and private sectors. 

EIT Urban Mobility’s CEO Maria Tsavachidis, said the awards showcase cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary, cross-organisational learning experiences. 

“We’re all about helping mobility professionals, executives and city officials develop their skills and improve their knowledge when it comes to making cities more liveable and sustainable,” she said. 

“We’re very pleased to have partners such as RMIT Europe work with us to create relevant, trustworthy, and impact-oriented courses, methodologies, and learning communities.” 

RMIT Europe Executive Director Marta Fernandez added: “This award recognises our efforts in contributing to a global community of professional and city officials equipped to shape the cities of tomorrow.”   

All EIT Urban Mobility online courses are available on our learning platform: Urban Mobility Courses | Tools to Move Europe Forward