EXPIRED! Education Officer – Alumni community

This job offer has expired!

The Education Officer – Alumni community will report to the Education Programme Manager, and work with other colleagues on pan-European education projects. The Education Officer – Alumni community will be in charge of coordinating EIT Urban Mobility’s efforts to plan, deliver, and engage with Alumni communities, and evaluate roll-out progress and impact. These communities will be made up of former learners and participants of education programmes led by EIT Urban Mobility and, more often than not, delivered in close collaboration with other KICs.

Main tasks and responsibilities include being EIT Urban Mobility’s leading voice in the Alumni space, across different projects delivered both with external partners and in-house:

EIT HEI Initiative: this is a capacity-building project to help higher education institutions to become more innovative and entrepreneurial, by both improving the way they work internally and with their external network, and in the way they provide training for their learners and staff. In the context of this project, the Education Officer – Alumni Community will:

  • Build a strategy for the creation and roll-out of the EIT HEI Alumni community, understanding their needs and interests and finding ways to keep them engaged

  • Work with external contractors to define and implement a communications strategy to engage the EIT HEI Alumni Community; and evaluate and improve the strategy annually

  • Manage the online platform that will feature engagement and community-building opportunities for EIT HEI Alumni, together with external contractors

  • Organise annual events for the EIT HEI Alumni community

Strategic Education Cluster: this is an EIT Community project that aims at integrating education activities from different KICs, creating joint offerings and opening new opportunities for raising EIT’s profile and for market penetration. Among its goals, it wants to further integrate Alumni communities across KICs and disseminate learnings and best practices across KICs. In the context of this project, the Education Officer – Alumni Community will:

  • Work with other KICs to understand best practices in building Alumni communities of professional learners and younger students, to potentially implement learnings in the emerging EIT Urban Mobility alumni community

EIT Urban Mobility: as a relatively new organisation, our Alumni community is still in its infancy. The Education Officer – Alumni Community will work with the different areas within Academy, including the Competence Hub (Professional School), the Master’s School and the Doctoral Training Network to support any existing or future plans to design, strategise and deliver our offer to the EIT Urban Mobility Alumni community and evaluate alumni outcomes over the years.

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Deadline for applications:  1 December 2022

Location: Barcelona, Spain