ECF, a new network partner for the Hub West

ECF stands for European Cyclists Federation and they are based in Brussels, Belgium. Their mission is to promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transportation, as they stringly believed that bicycles are a solution to many of the worlds’ pollution problems.

On Friday 30 October ECF organises a very interesting roundtable about Frans Timmermans’ Green Deal and the future role of cycling. This might be very useful to attend since this is very close to our challenges (‘Active mobility’) while we could connect to the Green Deal as well – another additional funding mechanism to create IMPACT on our streets.

We had the opportunity to collaborate with closely in our Mobility Talks Episode 4: Pedalling the future: from pop-up bike lanes to long-term cycling policies on 27 August 2020. In that moment, we discussed about bike lanes, and cycling policies, and we reached conclusions such as

  • If before COVID-19, cycling was a high priority for the policy authorities due to its benefits towards the environment, the virus has additionally reinforced the importance of cycling for the overall transport system resilience at all levels.
  • As a result, a growing number of European cities start to supply their citizens with temporarily bicycling infrastructures (pop-up cycling lanes), providing short-term adaptations to their mobility policies.

We are looking forward to doing some interesting activities with them.