EXPIRED! E-Learning Assistant

This job offer has expired!

This position is to support the enhancement of the quality of the production of our e-courses and blended F2F courses. 

The E-learning Assistant will report to the Head of the Competence Hub (part of our Academy programme) and work in close relation with the E-learning Course Manager and the E-learning Production Coordinator. S/he will support the production and maintenance of the Competence Hub’s entire online course portfolio (SOCs, MOOCs, blended F2F Courses), the administration of the Competence Hub’s different LMS platforms/accounts, as well various other front and back-office activities related to the design, delivery and marketing of these courses. This will be done through a primary focus on production quality, reviewing past courses, identifying what technical and non-technical components need to be improved and sourcing/implementing the relevant solutions to address these issues.  

Tasks and responsibilities include:   

  • Supporting the improving of our e-learning platform and accounts (learner feedback, UX/UI, new features, multilingualism, etc.). The Competence Hub is currently hosting 20+ SOCs and MOOCs on the WordPress-based LMS www.urbanmobilitycourses.eu. It also hosts SOCs and MOOCs on FutureLearn (in some cases through its own account and in some cases through partner accounts) as well as MOOCs on Coursera (through partner accounts). Additional new courses (between 10 and 15) will be developed on these platforms in 2022.  
  • Supporting the management of current courses and the upload/delivery of new courses on the WordPress platform/FutureLearn/Coursera, as well as operating these platform/accounts on a daily basis (interaction with participants, collecting their feedback so to identify areas of improvement; sourcing of new platforms, e-learning agencies, content-providers; course participant data-analytics, etc.).  
  • Supporting Competence Hub partners/providers in producing and uploading high-quality and high-impact learning content on these platforms, whenever necessary.  
  • Supporting the  management, enhancement and quality monitoring of e-courses (SOCs, MOOCs) and blended F2F courses developed by EIT Urban Mobility’s partners/subcontractors, identifying the relevant knowledge and expertise needed to allow these partners/subcontractors/ experts to improve the learning experience of their audiences.  
  • Supporting the design, delivery and marketing of new e-courses that are produced/handled directly by the Competence Hub, identifying, bringing together and coordinating all the stakeholders involved, such as content/production experts, instructional designers, digital learning agencies, and possibly consultants, sponsors, etc.  
  • Supporting the production of any kind of digital content (text, video, audio, interactive) for all our courses by providing technical guidance and ensuring that our quality standards and guidelines are followed during production and postproduction.  
  • Day-to-day responsibilities for project monitoring and management. Monitoring of KPI’s and milestones, reporting to the Head of the Competence Hub. Regular reporting on the progress of the activities, the fulfilment of the deadlines, the production of output, issuance of the deliverables and the consumption of resources.  
  • Ensuring optimal synergies with other initiatives from the Academy Master School and Doctoral Training Network, EIT Community, and the rest of EIT Urban Mobility. 

How to apply

Call for applications and guidelines how to apply for E-Learning Assistant

Application form – Call for applications and guidelines how to apply for E-Learning Assistant

Deadline for applications: 5 April 2022

Location: Barcelona, Spain