Cover of the episode 15 of the podcast "Conversations in the Park"

Conversations in the Park: Urban Air Mobility

When it comes to urban mobility, most people tend to think of the automotive or micromobility sectors. In Episode 15 of Conversations in the Park, sponsored by EIT Urban Mobility, we wanted to shine a light on a hugely important part of urban mobility: Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

Our host, Brittany Atkins, dove into the topic with expert guests Kshitija Desai and Alexander Ahrens to get a better understanding of the current state of urban air mobility, what the big news in the area is, and some of the logistics and perspectives behind it. 

Kshitija Desai is a market intelligence and strategic business development expert at UAM focused start-up Skyroads. She is also a Scholar of Female Innovators in Urban Mobility Program 2022 at UnternehmerTUM and a Business Development Advisor at Metro Hop. She has a strong passion for urban air mobility and advanced air mobility. 

Alexander Ahrens is CTO and head of consulting services at allDots, a consultancy that aims to produce urban air mobility solutions. He’s also a lead product and team development expert at wehyve GmbH. He enjoys creating solutions and solving problems in the automotive and unmanned aerospace industries.

In this episode, our guests examined the landscape of urban air mobility and where it is, where it’s headed, and how the progression is between nations.

Alexander touched on how he thinks urban air mobility will continue to progress and evolve, mentioning how traditional aviation companies may begin partnering with tech companies as an example. Kshitija gave insight into UAM from a start-up perspective, and how start-ups are at the forefront of the UAM sector and making big waves. 

Brittany, Kshitija and Alexander passionately examined the ins and outs of urban air mobility on this episode of Conversations in the Park – and we are proud to sponsor yet another informative discussion.

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