Conversations in the park: episode 14 – Investment in mobility

Excelling as a start-up in the mobility industry relies on three things: ambition, a good business strategy, and investment. We focused on the third factor in Episode 14, where our host Brittany Atkins ponders about the investment landscape in mobility. Our esteemed guests Taryn Andersen, Pablo Garrido, and David Fidalgo all share their expertise on the ins and outs of investment, both as investors and investment seekers. This episode touches all matters – from obstacles in the investment process to international differences, and so much more.

Taryn Andersen is the CEO and co-founder of Impulse4Women, an international non-profit that aims to support and promote female led start-ups and social entrepreneurs and provide them with the investor connections, tools and skills to help them grow. She is also the Director of Investor Relations at THCAP Venture Capital and applies her skills from 10+ years in private banking in all her work.

Pablo Garrido is an Investment Manager at EIT Urban Mobility, where he helps develop/manage financial sustainability systems and assists in the process surrounding EIT’s start-up investments. His background is in corporate banking, and his passions include entrepreneurship, and instilling positive social/environmental impact and financial return.

David Fidalgo is the CEO of Y-Mobility, a boutique tech consultancy that aims to support businesses in the mobility industry transition to a software-defined system. He is also the VP of AEVAC and a board member of RTI, both dealing with autonomous systems. He dedicates his time to advising and strategising to help drive high-quality digital transformation.

In this episode, our guests broke down the relationship between investments and start-ups within the mobility industry, and everything it entails.

Taryn spoke on some of the hurdles and obstacles young companies face when it comes to seeking investments and what the advised course of action is. Pablo spoke about initiatives that exist to help support and connect startups to investors, especially within the EIT Urban Mobility Space. David spoke about how startup funding and finance allocation varies between the United States and Europe, and what main differences and benefits are.

There is a plethora of advice, lessons, and perspective on this episode of Conversations in the Park – and we are proud to sponsor yet another informative discussion.

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