EXPIRED! Community & Communications Coordinator

This job offer has expired!

The Community and Communications Coordinator will report to the Director of Communications and EU Affairs. The key accountability of the jobholder is to manage the information flows across the organisation, building strong relationships with the Comms SPOCs to ensure timely collection and dissemination of key information. Comms SPOCs are specific persons of contact working on communication, events and marketing in different departments and offices across the organisation. This position requires coordination across the organisation and consists of partner communication, managing the information flow of the communication ecosystem within EIT Urban Mobility and collection of information and impact stories for dissemination purposes.

Coordination of communication ecosystem within EIT Urban Mobility:

  • Collect inputs for annual / quarterly planning of communication activities
  • Support with the management of the annual / quarterly plan updates, by consulting with the Comms SPOCs. This will be done in close cooperation of the Director of Communications and EU Affairs and the Corporate Communications Manager
  • Coordinate and liaise with the communication officers across the organisation. This includes:
    • briefing the communication officers and managing the incoming and outgoing communication flow between the central Communications, Marketing & EU Affairs team and the communication officers in other departments
    • Ensure the entire communication ecosystem of our organisation is updated on the planning, needs for input to be provided, and to collect all inputs coming from across the organisation through the communication officers
    • Identify and share good practices on the coordination of our internal communication ecosystem. Provide suggestions for improvements
    • Produce monthly status reports to measure performance in timely/ accurate/ complete information provision

Partner communication:

  • Manage, further develop, and deliver on the vision and strategy of our partner community platform. Our partner community platform is a new platform to streamline our communications with our partners. This will be done in close collaboration with the IT department. It also includes being responsible for the production, curation and coordination of the content of the platform, under the supervision and in alignment with the Corporate Communication Manager, as well as identifying evolutions and new content, needs and services addressed within our organisation to be implemented on the platform. Important therefore is that you acquire thorough knowledge of the platform, both the user interface and the back office, and that you provide training to colleagues and other stakeholders on the use of it.
  • Responsible for analysing the performance of the platform
  • Develop and coordinate the monthly partner newsletter based on content from the partner community platform and our website
  • Develop and coordinate the monthly partner engagement call content (core content all Innovation Hubs will use to share e.g. project success stories, additions to the partner network, upcoming enterprise-wide events)
  • Liaise with and provide guidance to a team of Innovation Hub communication and events officers, who engage with our partners at local level, ensure partner engagement
  • Identify good practices to optimise the experience of our partners and the community as a whole

Collection of information and impact stories for dissemination:

  • Support in further developing the design and implementation of the dissemination strategy and plan
  • Follow up on the deliverables on dissemination of the activities/projects liaising with the relevant departments and evaluating the appropriate channels
  • Identify good practices and stories with impact (success stories) that result from our activities and that of our partners, and help curate this information into compelling stories for dissemination
  • Manage the internal repository of stories related to the impact of projects and activities
  • Follow up on key dissemination events and outputs of projects and help identify opportunities and best formats for wider dissemination within the EIT Urban Mobility channels (events, conferences, website, etc).

How to apply

Call for applications and guidelines how to apply for Community and Communications Coordinator

Application form – Community and Communications Coordinator

Deadline for applications: 14 July 2022

Location: Barcelona, Spain