EXPIRED! Call for independent Supervisory Board members for EIT Urban Mobility

This job offer has expired!

Call for independent SB members expired!


EIT Urban Mobility is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) created by the European Institute of Technology (EIT) with the mission to accelerate the transition towards sustainable mobility for more liveable cities – “Moving people, connecting communities, serving businesses and re-imaging public spaces”.

We bring together key players across the whole value chain of mobility to create end to end solutions. We facilitate collaboration between cities, industry, academia, research and innovation to solve the most pressing mobility challenges of cities with a close and integrated citizen-centric approach.

EIT Innovation Communities are dynamic and creative partnerships that harness European innovation and entrepreneurship to find solutions to major societal challenges in areas with high innovation potential and strengthen European competitiveness.

The operation is managed by the headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) and five so-called Innovation Hubs in Copenhagen (Denmark), Prague (Czech Republic), Munich (Germany), Barcelona (Spain) and Helmond (the Netherlands).

Governance structure

EIT Urban Mobility is governed through two legal entities, the EIT Urban Mobility Association and the KIC Legal Entity (LE), a limited liability company. The Association is the sole shareholder of the KIC LE. The Association´s General Assembly (GA) is the highest decision-making body in which all partners have voting rights, while the KIC LE operates the day to day operations. The company (the KIC LE) encompasses the Supervisory Board (SB) as its main governing body and the Management Team (MT) as its main operational body.

Role of the Supervisory Board

The competences of the Supervisory Board (also known as KIC LE’s board of directors) are to:

  • Lead a strategic and non-operational governance role in the KIC LE. The Supervisory Board does not execute and manage the day-to-day operations as these functions are permanently delegated to the Management Team.
  • Supervise the activities of the KIC LE and to monitor the fulfilment of the activities of the KIC LE in accordance to the EIT Urban Mobility Strategic Agenda.
  • Lead on the compliance with EIT Good Governance Principles, namely separation of supervisory functions from operations and introducing a system of checks and balances.
  • Propose the Strategic Agenda of the KIC LE.
  • Approve the negotiation and execution of any agreement with the EIT.
  • Appoint and revoke the CEO and COO as leading members of the Management Team.

The members of the Supervisory Board are elected by the General Assembly of the Association, in its capacity of the 100% shareholder of the KIC LE. The Supervisory Board is composed of the independent chairperson, one representative from each of the five Innovation Hubs and three independent members with complementary skills and experiences from across industry, academia, research and cities. The composition of the Supervisory Board aims to reflect gender and geographic balance.

Role of the Supervisory Board member

The Supervisory Board meets at least four times a year for board meetings (virtually or face to face). Furthermore, work on specific topics is performed in topical committee meetings.

The estimated time effort and expected availability of the SB member is approximately 10 days per year.

Remuneration of the Supervisory Board member

Supervisory Board members are remunerated in line with common practice in EIT Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs). Travel expenses are covered.

Independent Supervisory Board member requirements

EIT Urban Mobility is looking for independent members with supplementary skills and competences from across the extended Knowledge Triangle (innovation, education, cities, business creation).

Candidates for the Supervisory Board membership should fulfil the following conditions:

  • Worked in a leadership position related to mobility and/or cities
  • Supervisory Board experience
  • Highly committed to the vision and mission of EIT Urban Mobility
  • Should not have any legal or financial ties (during a period of one year before the start of the mandate) to either any of the existing core partners of the EIT Urban Mobility Association, any of their Linked Third Parties or any Project Partner of the KIC LE.

For the current two open positions, we are especially looking for expertise and experience in either:

  • Public Private Innovation Partnerships, or
  • Business creation, Venture Capital, start-ups and acceleration

To apply for the position of an independent Supervisory Board member of the KIC Legal Entity for a statutory term of three years, please submit your CV and cover letter to secretary@eitumassociation.eu no later than 9 November 2020.

EIT Urban Mobility aims to increase the share of women within its Supervisory Board and therefore particularly welcomes applications from female candidates. Where candidates have equivalent qualifications, preference will be given to female candidates.