EXPIRED! Quality Assurance Officer

This job offer has expired!

The Quality Assurance Officer will report to the Academy Programme Manager and work in close coordination with the Academy Director and the Academy Heads of segment, mainly the Head of the Competence Hub (Professional School). S/he will conceptualise and coordinate the design of a quality assurance system for non-degree education and training, in line with the EIT Label provisions. Once the model is established, s/he will oversee its implementation and ensure that the system works. S/he is expected to perform regular monitoring and reporting tasks on the implementation and quality control of the system.

Main tasks and responsibilities include:

Creating the quality assurance system

  • Benchmarking successfully the quality systems of a set of relevant education and professional learning institutions.
  • Conceptualising/designing a quality assurance system for non-degree education and training, in line with provisions of the EIT Label Handbook, effectively establishing the EIT Urban Mobility’s own approach and processes for quality assurance in non-degree education.
  • Ensuring that the quality assurance system embeds the key principles of the EIT non-degree education outlined in the EIT Label framework whilst being contextualized for the EIT Urban Mobility’s own reality and allowing the necessary flexibility for the Academy Competence Hub to deliver on our own objectives, including course quality/relevance and revenue generation.
  • Defining and mapping the processes for this quality assurance system, considering the quality strategy and impact objectives of EIT Urban Mobility’s Academy in terms of non-degree education and training.    
  • Developing an assessment guide, with instructions, templates, and examples for the Competence Hub and EIT Urban Mobility partners/providers.
  • Producing a manual that documents the procedures, guidelines and checklists required for each one of the processes identified.
  • Coordinating the initial submission (audit) to obtain the Label for non-degree education and training from EIT, compiling the necessary data and documents in accordance with the requirements of the EIT Label handbook.
  • If required by EIT, presenting a development plan with measures for improvement in specific areas in which shortcomings were identified by the EIT experts and that responds to the recommendations set out in the decision of the EIT. In this case, coordinating the resubmission of the application (re-audit), compiling the re-audit material.

Implementation of the quality assurance system and monitoring/reporting

  • Working in close collaboration with the Competence Hub team and partners/providers to ensure that they develop the appropriate course-design, candidate-selection and quality-control mechanisms to align with the EIT Label requirements when creating, commercialising and delivering their courses and trainings.
  • Implementing all necessary quality control measures of the quality assurance system on all relevant Competence Hub courses, proactively identifying possible shortcomings, and proposing and driving actions for continuous improvement.
  • Collecting and maintaining evidence that our courses and trainings satisfy the requirements of the EIT Label in their design, implementation, and assessment. When this is not the case, finding solutions to ensure that this happens, without compromising the course’s impact and revenue goals.
  • Coordinating the reporting to the EIT, covering both quantitative and qualitative information.
  • Supporting the Master School and Doctoral Training Network with procedures regarding the EIT Label accreditation of future programmes and/or maintaining the EIT Label in existing ones.
  • Supporting the execution of the relevant administrative tasks and procedures needed to deliver on the Academy EIT labelled portfolio.

Contributing to the development of the EIT Urban Mobility Academy

  • Ensuring optimal synergies between segments of the EIT Urban Mobility Academy, the rest of EIT Urban Mobility, and the EIT Community (EIT Community/RIS projects). 
  • Supporting the Academy Programme Manager, Heads of segments and Academy Director in their reporting activities to EIT.

How to apply

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Deadline for applications: EXTENDED to 16 October 2022

Location: Barcelona (Spain)