EXPIRED! Professional School Business Development Manager

This job offer has expired!

The Professional School Business Development Manager will support and report to the Head of the Competence Hub, which is part of our Academy. S/he will be in charge of the overall design and execution the Competence Hub’s development strategy, focusing mainly on our F2F courses but also supporting the development of our e-course freemium operations. S/he will therefore define and execute all of actions covering the “commercial life-cycle” of our courses: identifying and qualifying and opportunities, engaging with key-stakeholders, assessing their needs, preparing and presenting proposals, etc.  

Given the relatively cyclical nature of our activity (design/commercialisation of the course during the first half of the year, delivery during the second half), s/he will also be involved in supporting the delivery of certain F2F courses, on a needly basis.

Tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Assisting the Head of the Competence Hub in the development of a strategic framework relative to the business development life-cycle and go to market of our course portfolio, and in the definition of intermediary goals/quotas/KPIs needed to reach the Competence Hub’s overall Financial Sustainability goal: 2 million € revenue generated annually per year by 2027.
  • Creating and maintaining strong relationships with key clients/partners by making regular visits/calls, understanding their needs, and anticipating new collaboration opportunities. Many of our F2F courses are done with/for city officials or urban planners, which make them highly replicable/scalable, nationally and internationally. Being able to foster good relationships with high level city officials in many large/medium sized cities over the European continent will therefore be instrumental.
  • Analysing our current course portfolio and collaborations with universities, consultancies, innovation agencies so move our existing/new courses to the market and generate additional revenue for EIT Urban Mobility.
  • Identifying, involving and managing the relationship with marketing agencies and sales representatives or other commercial intermediaries, to build relevant marketing/sales plans that fuel business growth.
  • Defining and meeting sales goals, leveraging on internal outreach capabilities: EIT Community/RIS, Communication, Innovation Hubs, City Club teams and EIT Urban Mobility Core Partners.
  • Leveraging major Urban Mobility conferences and events (such as Tomorrow Mobility) and conducting visits, online/on-site/off-site information sessions, or participating in networking events to identify new leads, both at a B2B and B2C level.
  • Building and nurturing a client database, utilising our CRM platform (Podio).
  • Supporting the replication and delivery of our F2F courses, when necessary.
  • Ensuring optimal synergies with other initiatives from the Academy Master School and Doctoral Training Network, the rest of EIT Urban Mobility, and the EIT Community (XKIC/RIS projects).

How to apply

Call for applications and guidelines how to apply for Professional School Business Development Manager

Application form – Call for applications and guidelines how to apply for Professional School Business Development Manager

Deadline for applications: 31 March 2022 (New extended deadline)

Location: Barcelona, Spain