EIT Urban Mobility nominates road safety and battery lifecycle innovators for the 2024 EIT Awards. 

We are pleased to announce that two promising innovators supported by EIT Urban Mobility are official nominees of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s (EIT) 2024 EIT Awards.  

The EIT Awards recognise the most promising entrepreneurs and innovators emerging from the EIT’s ecosystem across Europe. The nominees span from student to entrepreneur, from lab to market, and from idea to solution. This dynamic innovation approach creates a unique environment where nominees develop and scale innovative solutions to tackle pressing global challenges in the fields of climate, energy, digitalisation, food, health, manufacturing, raw materials, and, of course, urban mobility. 

Two nominees are representing the EIT Urban Mobility ecosystem through their exceptional work towards sustainable urban mobility and more liveable urban spaces: 

  • Road safety movement founder Axel Rimbaud has been nominated on the “Changemaker Award” category.   

The Changemaker Award highlights the work of a leader within the EIT Community and beyond, whose activities and achievements have the potential to generate a significant social impact.  

Axel Rimbaud enrolled in EIT Urban Mobility’s Master’s in ‘Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions’ in 2021 with a specific goal in mind. Already on a mission to reduce speed-related traffic mortalities in Chile through his NGO Movimiento contra el Exceso de velocidad Letal (MEL), he wanted to raise the game of his technical and leadership skills to achieve a wider environmental and societal impact. Read more about his story here

  • Circu Li-ion, whose fully automated and machine learning-powered battery upcycling process disassembles batteries to the cell level, has been nominated in the “Venture Award” category.  

The Venture Award recognises the startup with the greatest potential to generate impact on citizens, and the economy overall, addressing major societal challenges.  

Circu Li-ion, financially supported as part of the EIT Urban Mobility Investment Portfolio, develops a circular approach by maximising each battery cell’s lifecycle. They recently announced €8.5 million raised in seed funding, which will be used to maximise impact and bring sustainability back to recycling with their automated battery disassembly solution. Read more about Circu Li-ion story here.

The 2024 EIT Awards Ceremony will be held during the EIT Summit on 20 February 2024 in Brussels, Belgium. Hosted as part of  EIT’s flagship event, the ceremony will bring together top industry players, EIT-supported entrepreneurs and innovators, policy makers, students and more. Additionally, the public will have their  say with the Public Award category, an open category in which everyone is invited to vote for the top innovation.  

Read about all the nominees for the 2024 EIT Awards here, and get ready to vote for your favourite innovation when online voting opens on 14 February 2024.