EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub Network highlights 

On 17-18 April, around 30 members of our Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) Hub network from 11 countries gathered for the two-day EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub Summit, held at the EIT Community Hub in Budapest. During the event, we had the opportunity to engage with our RIS Hub representatives, present new strategies and discuss educational collaboration, innovation calls and impact ventures support in RIS countries. The summit was also an excellent agora to showcase some key figures.  

During 2023, our RIS Hub network scouted and supported local innovators in 11 RIS countries, and brought us the following outcomes: 

From the data above, it’s significant the impact that the RIS network can achieve on the ground, especially when training students and supporting entrepreneurs. In the startup field, it’s worth mentioning that 2 out of the 9 startups that were supported by the RIS Hubs and finished EIT Urban Mobility Impact Ventures programmes, were invested by the EIT Urban Mobility Investment Readiness Programme (IRP). : Greenroads and Cautcurier.ro. Also, 8 new startups were created thanks to the support of our RIS Hub community.  

From the education side, many locally implemented training courses by the RIS Hubs are successfully being scaled-up and implemented in other European countries. An example can be the REAL Mayor programme run by RIS Hub Croatia, which is now further developed as a REAL RIS project in collaboration with RIS Hub Latvia and aims at closing the knowledge gap among high-level city officers and Mayors, hindering the development of sustainable urban mobility systems and liveable urban spaces in RIS countries. 

Moreover, RIS hubs were instrumental in assisting partners from their local systems to participate in Innovation programmes. This includes three challenges for the Raptor 2023 call from the cities Ajka and Debrecen from Hungary and Dubnica nad Vahom from Slovakia; four startups selected in the Agile projects; and six projects funded through the Main Innovation Call and Targeted Call. 

These highlight results show the great value that the RIS Hub organisations bring to the EIT Urban Mobility community, as well as play a valuable role in our commitment to connect local, national and European ecosystems to seed innovations and accelerate the transition to decarbonised and sustainable urban mobility.  

Continuity of the RIS network in 2025 

 In 2022, the EIT set the EIT RIS Hubs Minimum Standards and Guiding Principles to serve as a common strategic approach, as well as the framework  for the gradual launch of EIT Community RIS Hubs covering RIS eligible countries and territories by the end of 2025. 

The new EIT Community RIS Hubs are a one-stop shop serving all KICs for local stakeholders in the countries in which they are established. The process of integrating and consolidating the EIT Community’s unique on-ground presence in the EIT RIS-eligible area will make it easier for stakeholders to access our opportunities locally and in a more centralized and unified structure.  

Our existing EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub entities will be gradually integrated within the new EIT Community RIS Hubs when these are established and will become mobility specialist members of their country’s EIT Community RIS Hub. The selection of the RIS specialists for urban mobility will be done through an open call this summer, although the functions of our network will remain feeders to our programmes and partnership. To learn more about the EIT Community RIS Hubs, check the new website.

EIT Urban Mobility RIS team together with our RIS Hub representatives in Budapest, April 2024.

RAPTOR, an urban mobility competition, is launched in 13 European cities

Embarking on its fourth edition, the Rapid Applications for Transport (RAPTOR) programme by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union, is set to push sustainable urban mobility challenges across Europe. Thirteen dynamic cities spanning ten countries are part of this initiative, demonstrating their commitment to fostering innovation and addressing pressing urban mobility needs. The kick-off was set this week with all the cities meeting in Prague with EIT Urban Mobility.

RAPTOR represents a challenge-oriented platform designed to specifically tackle niche urban mobility issues identified by participating cities. Startups and SMEs are invited to propose innovative solutions to these challenges, with winners receiving €40,000 in funding along with tailored mentoring support to pilot their solutions over a five-month period within the city.

Adriana Diaz, Interim Director of Innovation at EIT Urban Mobility, emphasized the program’s agility and its transformative impact on European cities. “RAPTOR empowers European startups and SMEs to collaborate directly with cities, offering innovative solutions that transcend conventional approaches to urban mobility challenges,” she remarked, “The programme’s fourth edition boasts a diverse array of challenges identified by participating cities, including enhancing pedestrian and cyclist safety, promoting active mobility among seniors, and monitoring CO2 emissions.”

The following cities are part of the 2024 edition on these key topics:

Together, EIT Urban Mobility and cities have launched the open competition for European startups and SMEs to propose solutions that address these challenges. The niche mobility challenges for each of these cities is explained and detailed on the RAPTOR website, to support the SMEs and startups in getting ready for the competition.

Delivery Couple acquirement is first step to bring last-mile delivery solution EU wide. 

Polish last-mile delivery startup Delivery Couple announces its acquirement of German competitor THEO, in turn increasing its fleet size by 260% by the end of 2024. Focused on providing effective, safe and semi-autonomous deliveries, the company is currently operating in four cities across Poland, having piloted the solution across 14 cities.

This acquisition indicates a significant step towards becoming a European last mile leader.Delivery Couple became part of the equity portfolio of EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union, after applying and being selected as part of a Startup Investment Open Call in 2023. 

Founded in 2021, Delivery Couple was born out of the necessity for contactless deliveries during the Covid-19 pandemic and provides a guaranteed service by providing restaurants, marketplaces, and delivery companies with reliable robot couriers. Each robot is associated with either a female or male persona and is designed to be an aid to humans in providing an automated but friendly service. With a fleet of custom-designed robots, Delivery Couple are driving daily in 4 cities across Poland and guarantee a predictable delivery process, resulting in reduced traffic congestion in areas of operation and a zero-emission technology. Although the absolute necessity of contactless deliveries faded as the pandemic ended, this environmentally friendly and cost-effective technology has a definite place in modern cities.  

Of the announcement, CEO and co-founder, Sergiy Lebedyn said: ‘’Germany holds the largest market share in Europe for autonomous last mile deliveries, so the opportunity to gain access to this market with an existing network as built by THEO was not one to miss. Today, we are fully operational and generating profit per unit having completed 4000+ deliveries in Poland and with each delivery we have an opportunity to learn, refine and improve our systems. With a market as large as Germany´s, we of course increase our customer base and our fleet size but also our capacity to improve. We believe the success of our human-centric approach to last mile delivery will be compounded in this new market.’’  

Delivery Couple has gone from strength to strength, working in in-house hardware and software technologies and improving quality and percentage of successful deliveries. They took part in the 5G Turbo Accelerator in 2022 which is aimed to address key challenges in urban mobility with a focus on developing 5G technologies and services to improve traffic efficiency and traffic management, smart parking options, and road safety solutions, among others.  

EIT Urban Mobility Investment and Portfolio Manager, Jan Hauser commented: ‘’Our first encounter of Delivery Couple and their potential came during an accelerator programme in 2022, and the following year we were pleased to receive, and in-turn approve, an application for funding. As a pan-European investor, EIT Urban Mobility had also previously invested in THEO and was aware of Delivery Couple’s intention to expand for some time. In this and many other instances, we were happy to use our extensive network to connect different players, facilitating and accelerating innovation across the EU.’’  

About Delivery Couple  

Delivery Couple, a trailblazer in the last-mile delivery landscape, specializes in designing and deploying innovative sidewalk delivery robots. Their cutting-edge technology not only addresses environmental concerns but also ensures financial viability of the company starting from small scale. Unlike many competitors, Delivery Couple has already achieved operational profitability.  For more information visit www.deliverycouple.com  

A pair of glasses on top of a notebook with a proposal written.

Request for proposals: Impact Ventures – Online Marketing Agency – Expert evaluators for Calls Campaign

By the present procurement procedure, the EIT Urban Mobility S.L., (hereby being referred to as “EIT UM”) is expecting to appoint one sole provider (hereby being referred to as “the contractor”, “marketing agency”) for the realisation of the services set in Section 2.2.

EIT Urban Mobility is seeking to appoint a professional marketing agency to increase and manage the dissemination campaign correlated to the recruitment of qualified external experts which will provide support on the evaluation of Calls’ proposals process.

Check out the Request for Proposals here.

To apply, please send the completed and signed Tender´s Submission and Declaration Form.

Deadline for submissions: 13 February 2024, 16:00hs CET

An Ukranian affordable electric enterprise truck manufacturer wins the EIT Jumpstarter urban mobility prize 

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, the cradle of history, democracy and arts. The Greek capital is also the heart of the ancient agora, former marketplace, the open spot where all the citizens gathered to trade, discuss and vote.  

This is exactly what over a hundred innovators did the past 30 November in Athens during the EIT Jumpstarter Grand Final, the annual EIT Community celebration of new start-ups created and the birth of innovations made in Europe. The participants, from countries located in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, including Western Balkans, the Baltics and Ukraine, showcased their deep-tech innovations. This year 52 teams presented their ideas in nine categories – digital, food, health, energy, manufacturing, raw materials, urban mobility, New European Bauhaus and Rebuild Ukraine.  

Iliana Ivanova, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, said:

The EIT Jumpstarter acceleration programme has been helping early-stage innovators develop their business ideas and launch new products on the market. I warmly congratulate all winners on their award, but also all participants. Your ideas will help us build a better, greener future. It’s particularly heartening to see the remarkable commitment of many innovators from Ukraine. The increasing engagement from the Western Balkans is also encouraging, as it aligns with our aim to bolster and unify the European innovation ecosystem.

The first winner in the Urban Mobility Category is MegoElectric from Ukraine, a solution for the production of affordable light and medium-sized electric enterprise trucks, that received an award of €10,000. Their main innovation is that their platform can be built on one assembly line, while accommodating batteries of different power, various cabs, body types and payload capacities. The platform’s re-thought design will allow the trucks to be very light-weight and energy efficient to achieve minimum price and maximum functionality. 

Another awarded idea comes from MOBILIB, a software-defined vehicle application development platform from Türkiye which won the second Urban Mobility prize. 

The third winner in this category is a wheelset protection to extend the railway axel lifecycle, ideated by RECHARGE, from Spain. 

In the urban mobility field, a total of 23 teams applied for the programme during 2023, whilst 10 made it to the Local Joint Trainings, and finally six teams arrived to the Grand Final in Greece. The other participants were Veloled from the Czech Republic, BPARCO from Croatia and TheBellBoy from Italy. During the 2023 edition of EIT Jumpstarter, 3 companies have been created in the urban mobility field already and more are expected to be registered. 

This year, for the first time, a new category emerged: ‘Rebuild Ukraine’. The top prize went to the Ukrainian team GAPPO. They provide an AgriTech B2B SaaS solution, aligned with Global G.A.P. standards, that aids in digitalising operational reporting and compliance procedures. To learn about the rest of the winners check EIT Jumpstarter’s website.  

EIT Jumpstarter’s mission is to strengthen entrepreneurship culture, support start-up creation, and contribute to building a diverse and inclusive innovation ecosystem with regular cross-thematic and cross-regional collaboration. The programme is powered by seven of EIT’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities: EIT Digital, EIT Food, EIT Health, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Manufacturing, EIT RawMaterials and EIT Urban Mobility. The programme aims to nurture young innovators with the tools and knowledge to transform their early-stage ideas, secure the necessary funding, and, last but not least, build self-sustaining and profitable ventures. 

Pre-registration for the EIT Jumpstarter 2024 is now available at https://eitjumpstarter.eu/pre-register-for-eit-jumpstater-2024. Participation in the programme comes without any fees.  

SLUSH: Where to invest next in the mobility sector? 

With more than 75% of Europeans living in cities and a pressing need for the transport sector to decarbonise and modernise, the mobility sector stands as the perfect playing field for innovation. At SLUSH, an annual landmark event for the start-up ecosystem, hosted in Helsinki from 30 November to 1 December ; EIT Urban Mobility hosted a side-event featuring mobility industry experts on the perception of start-ups and venture capitalists (VCs) regarding the sector’s current and future trends.  

The panel included Fredrik Hanell, Director of Impact Venture for EIT Urban Mobility; Dr Terhi Vapola, Managing Partner & Founder of Greencode Ventures; and Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby, Co-founder of Beta Mobility. The discussion, moderated by Cate Lawrence, a senior writer at Tech.EU, covered key aspects such as the challenges, opportunities, pitfalls, and trajectory of the sector in the coming years. The session concluded with start-ups in the audience presenting their solutions, and an open discussion on impact investments and on closing the pre-seed/seed funding gap. 

Investments and evaluating impact of a start-up in the mobility sector. 

The panellists emphasised the importance of understanding the complexity and distinctiveness of the mobility sector. Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby highlighted the necessity of comprehending regulations and city dynamics before scaling to new markets. Terhi Vapola stressed the wide scope of the mobility sector, emphasizing the need to adopt suitable models for every start-up entering this field. She stressed that as a VC, she is assessing solutions in relation to local needs, contemplating the adaptability to different city contexts. The panellists also looked into the significance of comprehending the investment strategy of start-ups and their alignment with the urban environment’s growth trajectory. Fredrik Hanell highlighted that mobility start-ups tend to have a higher survival rate due to their market-by-market (city-by-city) approach. 

The discussion further explored the impact of regulations on mobility start-ups, acknowledging that while regulations may introduce instability, they establish a positive framework for start-ups, as seen in the case of scooter companies. The conversation also touched on ethical considerations in the mobility sector, where safety and social impact must be deeply ingrained in every new solution. The panellists acknowledged the importance of measuring success beyond financial metrics, considering environmental and social transitions. They emphasised the need for profound ethical thinking in an industry where lives are at stake. 

ZOOM on the Upright Net Impact Model : In order to measure a company’s net impact, and deliver a transparent view across specific categories, EIT Urban Mobility and Greencode Ventures employ the Upright Net Impact Model, a quantification model that is based on a neural network summarising more than 250 million scientific articles, public statistical databases and a proprietary taxonomy of over 150,000 product and service categories. Although start-ups do not have to do their own assessment both investors agreed that they will look at similar criteria before deciding to invest. According to this model, EIT Urban Mobility’s portfolio scores a 48% positive net impact score, significantly higher than the 40% of the control group of the Upright Benchmark. The start-up companies in the portfolio score especially high on the environmental dimension, +217% compared to benchmark.  

Scaling and financing software or hardware start-up. 

The conversation at SLUSH explored the challenges of scaling, with a focus on business models and with the recognition that some solutions might take longer to scale due to their hardware nature. While hardware companies presently face greater funding challenges compared to their software counterparts, the conversation encouraged start-ups to explore alternative capital sources beyond traditional venture capital. Notably, experts advised aspiring entrepreneurs in the hardware sector to prioritise establishing partnerships within the industry, securing patents, and initiating operations on a smaller scale in a single city before pursuing global expansion. Drawing parallels to historical patterns where investment preferences have transitioned between software and hardware, Fredrik Hanell expressed optimism that the current preference for software investments amongst the VC would shift.  

Rapidly evolving trends and impactful disruptors are reshaping the landscape of the industry, setting the stage for the future. 

As seen over the past several years, changes could occur more quickly and at greater scale than many are prepared for, especially in densely populated areas. The future of mobility looks like a complex ecosystem with actors of various sizes and influence offering different mobility solutions to consumers. The panellists identified capacity issues, electrification, and the enabling aspects of electrification as evident trends in the mobility sector. They also highlighted the impact of new mobility services, data and connectivity, and autonomous vehicles.  

The discussion also touched on the new needs that will emerge from the Global South, emphasising the need for speed and innovative ideas to scale solutions. While Europe boasts an advanced public transport network, novel markets present opportunities for scaling up developed mobility innovations significantly. Against this backdrop, the panellists concluded by advocating continued participation in industry events, acknowledging the difficulties in fundraising over the past year. The message of hope centred on building solutions that align with personal beliefs and have the power to drive meaningful change in the industry.  

A multimodal approach to sustainable and urban transport at Tomorrow.Mobility

Media Center

Infographic on Mobility Data Space in EN, DE, ES

Text available in IT, PT, SE, DE, DK, FR.

EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the EU, is driving the necessary shift towards a greener future for urban mobility by co-organising with Fira de Barcelona, Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress (TMWC). TMWC, serves as an essential platform for global leaders, experts, and visionaries to convene and foster collaborative efforts aimed at reshaping the future of urban mobility. From 7 to 9 November in Barcelona, this congress, in the framework of Smart City Expo, facilitates knowledge-sharing and drives innovative solutions for a smarter, cleaner, and more interconnected urban mobility landscape.

As CEO of EIT Urban Mobility and President of the Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress Advisory Board, Maria Tsavachidis emphasises the critical need for expedited action in light of recent warnings from the IPCC[1] and the European Union on climate change. “We stand at a pivotal moment, where the urgency of climate action demands a radical shift in the way we approach urban mobility. With the transportation sector identified as a significant contributor to the climate crisis, EIT Urban Mobility advocates for a reimagined and integrated approach to mobility in cities, emphasising the importance of multimodality. This strategic approach leverages the unique strengths of various transport modes, enabling a seamless and sustainable transition towards environmentally conscious urban transportation systems.”

According to the findings from a study by EIT Urban Mobility, the transition towards sustainable urban mobility in Europe is expected to necessitate an additional €86 billion by 2030. Encouragingly, this investment is projected to yield substantial returns, with each euro allocated to the transition potentially generating up to €3.06 by 2030. Results[2] show that by 2030 pricing schemes (congestion and pollution charging, parking pricing, public transport integrated ticketing and tariff schemes) is the set of measures with the highest net benefits in small and medium cities, while innovative services (Demand Responsive Transport, autonomous vehicles, Intelligent Transport Systems) are the better choice for large cities’ transition pathways.

EIT Urban Mobility releases during the event its latest study on “Unlocking the Future of Mobility with European Data Spaces” in collaboration with Factual and i2CAT. With at least 400 mobility data sharing initiatives currently active in Europe, today’s mobility data landscape is scattered and requires better interoperability to deliver its full potential and enable seamless multimodality. As mobility is not only a strategic sector but also a vector that connects other economic areas of activity, the relevance and potential of data spaces for mobility is even greater. 

At a macroeconomic level, the European Commission estimates that the access to real-time information on traffic avoidance and train delays could save up to 730 million euros and 27 million hours, respectively, equivalent to more than €20.74 billion in labour cost savings.  The Mobility Data Space (MDS) framework should include:

  • Optimisation of mobility strategies through enhanced access to high-quality data.
  • Simplification of navigation across various transportation networks, leading to improved services and sales forecasts.
  • Empowerment of citizens through improved mobility options, reduced journey times, and access to reliable traffic information.
  • Enhancements in safety through up-to-date road condition data, facilitating informed decision-making for safer journeys.
  • Business opportunities for data vendors, cost savings through shared resources, and the fostering of joint innovation for enhanced user experiences.

The recent launch of the Cycling Declaration has been a significant stride forward, aligning with the European Year of Skills initiative that aims to bolster education and skill expansion across Europe. As European cities today face the fundamental challenge of empty, single, and low occupancy passenger transport vehicles, a trend that is worsening every year, with more than 560 passenger car and 81 commercial cars per 1000 inhabitants (2022). This escalating trend underscores the urgent necessity for sustainable, accessible, and inclusive transportation solutions, emphasising the importance of tools such as mobility data space and comprehensive multimodality planning.

[1] Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

[2] 779 European cities of more than 50K inhabitants

Urban Mobility Days 2023: EIT Urban Mobility Takes the Stage 

Register Now for Urban Mobility Days 2023 in Seville, Spain or follow live 

Seville, Spain, 2 October 2023 – Urban Mobility Days 2023, a European Commission flagship event in the realm of urban transport and sustainable mobility, is set to take place from 4-6 October in Seville, Spain. This event will bring together an array of personalities, including politicians, local authorities, industry leaders, and urban transport practitioners, all converging with the European Commission. Urban Mobility Days serves as a platform to foster connections and engage in discussions for a sustainable, innovative, and equitable future for urban mobility. The event will see the high-level participation of Raquel Sánchez Jiménez Minister of Transport, Spain; Adina-Ioana Vălean, European Commissioner for Transport; Juan Manuel Moreno, President of the Government of Andalucía; José Luis Sanz Ruiz, Mayor City of Seville and Maria Tsavachidis, CEO of EIT Urban Mobility. 

2023 has been designated as the European Year of Skills, and Urban Mobility Days will place a special emphasis on enhancing transport-related skills. This strategic focus aims to equip professionals in the field with the knowledge and competencies needed to drive forward the urban mobility agenda. Organised in collaboration with the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, this event promises to be a pivotal moment in the journey towards sustainable urban mobility solutions. Join us at Urban Mobility Days 2023 to be part of this significant conversation and contribute to the advancement of European urban mobility. 

EIT Urban Mobility, led by Maria Tsavachidis, CEO, will play a central role in shaping the discourse on urban mobility with its involvement in key activities: 

  • Friday, 6 October, 12:00 – 13:00 : Closing Plenary on Just Transition and Skills in Urban Mobility 
  • EIT Urban Mobility will co-host a workshop with Polis on Wednesday, 4 October 2023, from 9:00-11:45, within the programme of Urban Mobility Days. Titled “Citizen Engagement Workshop: Engaging with the Public and End Users on Sustainable Urban Mobility Solutions,” this workshop will be led by Julienne Chen, Head of Citizen engagement at EIT Urban Mobility.  

On Thursday, 5 October, 09:30 – 10:45, EIT Urban Mobility’s Director, Daniel Serra, will be a panellist in “All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Common European Mobility Data Space. Unlocking the potential of data is essential to transition faster towards a more sustainable and smarter transport and mobility system. The panel will explain the concept and its impact on urban mobility.

CIVITAS has tasked EIT Urban Mobility for its expertise in evaluating ready-to-market solutions from their project portfolio and coordinating all AGORA activities at the Urban Mobility Days. The solutions will be doing a 15min pitch of their products at the AGORA stage and are available for networking at their respective booths: 

  1. Thursday, 5 October, 10:55 – 11:10: NEMO project’s Pollution Monitoring Device: Monitoring air pollution by remote sensing | Nemo (nemo-cities.eu) & Monitoring Air Pollution by Multispectral Imaging | Nemo (nemo-cities.eu) 
  1. Thursday, 5 October, 11:15 – 11:30: NEMO project’s Noise Monitoring Device: Monitoring Noise by Remote Sensing | Nemo (nemo-cities.eu) in individually sourcing noise emitters 
  1. Thursday, 5 October, 15:40 – 15:55: Park4SUMP project’s ParkPAD: ParkPad in guiding cities‘urban parking policies 
  1. Wednesday, 4 October, 16:15 – 16:30 HARMONY project’s MobyApp: Moby APP – MobyX – Transport software solutions, for Travel data collection from your phone 
  1. Wednesday, 4 October, 15:55 – 16:10: HARMONY project’s MS: Harmony MS – MobyX – Transport software solutions, for flexible planning platform for urban modelling 

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore the EIT Urban Mobility booth, where they can engage with representatives from various projects. The booth will feature the following projects and representatives: 

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to be part of the discourse shaping the future of urban mobility in Europe. Register now for Urban Mobility Days 2023 and be a catalyst for change. 

Legal Bases: Urban Mobility Courses Certificate Raffle

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Raffle Description

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EIT Urban Mobility Joins European Mobility Week 2023, Focusing on “Saving Energy” for Sustainable Urban Transport 

EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, a body of the EU, announces its active participation in the upcoming European Mobility Week. This collaborative initiative by the European Commission brings together communities, cities, and organisations across Europe to drive the sustainable and inclusive transformation of urban transportation systems. With the urgent need to address climate change and expedite our journey towards “saving energy”, this week shines light on pressing topics. 

The European Green Deal, a cornerstone of Europe’s commitment to environmental sustainability, has set an ambitious target of achieving a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector. To realise this ambitious goal, it is essential to reimagine urban mobility, making it more sustainable, inclusive, and seamlessly integrated. Cities are the frontrunners of the green transition, with the power to make transformative changes such as cycling infrastructure, reallocation of public space, low emission zones, and parking regulations. During the European Mobility week, it is almost 3,000 towns and cities encourage behavioural change in favour of active mobility, public transport, and other clean, intelligent transport solutions by organising awareness-raising activities and events with local stakeholders. 

Within its activity to find sustainability solutions in the transport sector, EIT Urban Mobility is developing its activity as an impact venture investor. EIT Urban mobility has joined up the third annual report from European Women in Venture Capital (VC) and is publishing a new report on the Gender diversity in European Venture Capital Firms. Despite the fact that funds with a higher representation of female managers exhibit higher returns, gender gaps are still an issue in European VC firms. A combined desk and research survey of 558 European VC firms and 104 European VC, showed that in 2023 only 16% of general partners (GPs) are women, compared to 15% in 2022. Other key results can be consulted.  

As part of the European Mobility Week, EIT Urban Mobility will actively participate in a series of initiatives

  • “Parking Day”: EIT Urban Mobility will organise and participate in various “Parking Day” events across Europe in cities including Barcelona, Spain; Siggiewi, Malta; Lisbon, Portugal, and Greece. A parking space is about 15m2 large. This makes it bigger than many children’s rooms. The organisation of a day to reclaim the parking space or a car-free day, allows to raise awareness on street use and space cars take in European cities.  
  • Events Across Europe: Join EIT Urban Mobility in various physical events across Europe, including the EIT Open Day in Norway, Urban Mobility Day at Slovakia Tech, and INVENTO MeetUp in Zagreb
  • New Mobility Congress: EIT Urban Mobility will play a pivotal role as a key partner at the New Mobility Congress 2023, taking place from September 26 to 28 at the EXPO Lodz space in Poland. This is the fourth edition of the largest conference in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe dedicated to the development of the sustainable transportation market. 
  • EIT Urban Mobility offers a range of online training courses to empower individuals and professionals to contribute to sustainable urban mobility solutions. 
    • EIT Urban Mobility Professional Training Catalogue (E-Courses): A range of e-courses are available online, free to complete (with certificates available at a nominal fee), covering various aspects of urban mobility. 
    • MASTERCOM Training Programme: Developed to prepare professionals of private and public companies to develop, manage, communicate, and implement effective travel plans, MASTERCOM provides up-to-date knowledge, expert guidance, best practices, and access to a practical ToolKit. 
    • Girls go Circular: project where 14–19-year-old girls are picking up digital and entrepreneurial skills. EIT Urban Mobility has coordinated the development of the module on “Sustainable Mobility for Circular and Inclusive Cities”, available for free at the Girls Go Circular platform. 20 000 girls will have completed the training by end of 2022. It is already available in 13 countries and now also available in Ukrainian. 
  • Urban Mobility Explained (UMX): Since September 2022, UMX has been providing educational videos on the latest topics in urban mobility, offering thought-provoking perspectives and key competencies required for the successful delivery of urban mobility solutions. A new video is published every Tuesday. 

Every year, from 16 – 22 September, the European Commission’s flagship awareness-raising campaign European Mobility Week on sustainable urban mobility invites towns and cities from across Europe, and beyond, to participate in the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK. The annual theme for 2023 is ‘Save energy’. For more information about EIT Urban Mobility and its initiatives during the European Mobility Week, please visit EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK |  Home. 

Access Your Next Client City: Empowering Urban Mobility Innovators with TICER

We are thrilled to join forces with Green Brother, RMIT Europe, Szombathely City, and Frontira with the goal of improving urban mobility and enhance the quality of life for citizens. The world of urban mobility is on the cusp of a transformative revolution. Start-ups in this sector hold immense potential to shape the way we navigate our cities and embrace sustainable transportation options.

However, to fulfil their market potential, these start-ups face numerous challenges, including aligning innovations with city regulations and meeting the needs of citizens. That’s where TICER comes in – an innovative educational programme designed to empower start-ups and bridge the gap between entrepreneurial vision and real-world success.

The deadline for application is 31 August, 2023, on the website: https://www.ticer.city/#registration.  The programme will take place from September 2023 to November 2023. It will start with a kick-off event, followed by three online training modules as well as a pitching ceremony.

In the realm of urban mobility, the ultimate clients are the citizens themselves. We recognize the critical role cities play in shaping the needs and aspirations of their inhabitants. However, aligning innovative mobility solutions with both city regulations and citizen requirements is no easy feat. TICER steps in as the bridge that connects innovators with the needs and expectations of cities and citizens alike. The programme has 3 main moduls:

  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • Co-creation Workshop (UX)
  • City regulation Landscapes Workshop

Three Key Challenges and How TICER Addresses Them

Challenge 1 – Sustainable mobility as an alternative

How can we foster a culture of sustainable mobility in Szombathely so people become more inclined to embrace eco-friendly transportation options such as buses, bikes, scooters, or walking instead of using a car?

Challenge 2 – Demand-driven mobility design

How can we channel the needs of citizens and urban stakeholders into the mobility-related decision-making process of the city?

Challenge 3 – Data-driven synergies for mobility

As a municipality, how can we use existing and yet-unknown data to – directly and indirectly – encourage the public and economic sectors to improve traffic flow?

Who Can Apply?

TICER welcomes participation from a diverse array of entities, including University teams and Spin-offs, Start-ups, and SMEs from the EU and Horizon Europe Associated Countries, including the UK and Switzerland. Whether you are an established start-up or an emerging entrepreneur, TICER is your ticket to unlock new markets and expand your reach.

The benefits of participating in TICER are manifold:

  • Quick access to cities and markets
  • Expansion opportunities
  • Collaboration with city executives on local regulations
  • Access to invaluable city mobility data for market fit testing
  • Opportunity to pitch for budget allocation for piloting
  • Invitations to further EIT Urban Mobility programs for scaling
  • Enhanced entrepreneurial knowledge
  • Real-life market feedback and validation
  • Workshops with experts and clients to develop user experience and product market fit

Curious to learn more about TICER and how it can transform your start-up’s journey in the urban mobility space? Join our online info-sharing event on 17 August at 15:00 hours CET. During this event, you will receive comprehensive details about the TICER programme and have the chance to ask any questions you might have. Don’t miss this opportunity to shape the future of urban mobility!

To register for the event, click here

For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at ticer@greenbrother.hu or visit our website at ticer.city.

TICER is supported by EIT Urban Mobility in partnership with Green Brother, RMIT Europe, Szombathely, and Frontira.

Tomorrow.Mobility 2023 shifts global gears toward a sustainable urban transportation

November 7-9, 2023. www.tomorrowmobility.com

Multimodality, Inclusivity and Mobility Data among the key topics.

The third edition of Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress (TMWC), the international event promoting the design and adoption of new sustainable urban mobility schemes, will bring a new drive to the global mobility stage. Held in Barcelona from November 7-9 under the theme Make your Move Matter, TMWC will bring together the leading international experts, companies, and public institutions in the field.

Jointly organized by Fira Barcelona and EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, a body of the European Union, the event will focus on eight key topics that are critical for the transformation of urban mobility: Mobility Data Spaces, Inclusivity, Affordability & Fairness, Connected, Cooperative & Automated Mobility, Sustainable Urban Logistics, Multimodality, Urban Air Mobility, Energy Transition, and Active Mobility. These themes will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest trends, technologies, and policies shaping the future of mobility.

Maria Tsavachidis, President of Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress and CEO of EIT Urban Mobility, said: “The upcoming edition of Tomorrow.Mobility will gather visionaries, dynamic start-ups, and industry leaders to shape the future of transportation. As cities strive for climate neutrality, Tomorrow.Mobility becomes more than an event; it’s a catalyst for change. With unwavering commitment, we drive smarter, cleaner, and connected solutions, propelling us towards a sustainable tomorrow”.

TMWC has also announced the first speakers who will take part in the conference program. The lineup includes Timothy Papandreou, CEO of Emerging Transport Advisors and former CIO of San Francisco MTA; Karima Delli, MEP and Chair of the Committee on Transport and Tourism at the European Parliament; Karen Vancluysen, Secretary General of the POLIS network; and Maria Tsavachidis, CEO of EIT Urban Mobility.

The event has also confirmed the participation of companies and institutions among which are AMB, B:SM, Deloitte, Equinsa, FGC, Flowbird, Funkwerk, Hayden, Moventia, RACC, Renfe, Sener, and TMB.

Innovation by land, sea and air

The event will be held alongside Smart City Expo World Congress, the leading tradeshow and congress on cities and smart urban solutions, that will include Tomorrow.Building, a forum focusing on the green and digital transition of buildings and urban infrastructures, and Tomorrow.BlueEconomy a new event dedicated the challenges and opportunities of coastal cities and the blue economy. Altogether, the events are expected to gather over 1,000 exhibitors, including companies, cities, governments and institutions, more than 600 international experts, and over 25,000 attendees.

Interested to attend or have you media partner up with the event? Contact: media@eiturbanmobility.eu