The Scale up programme is looking for 12 urban mobility startups

The Scale up programme, financed by EIT Urban Mobility, opened up a call to identify the 12 most promising startups with solutions for sustainable urban mobility. The programme aims to take the selected startups to the next level by helping them find funding and partnerships through attendance at major European events, giving them visibility to potential investors, and bringing them closer to implementing their solutions in real environments. The application period is open until 12 June 2022.

The programme supports the startups in the introduction of their solutions to the market through two different paths.

Path A: will provide international growth to startups with attendance at high-impact events, networking opportunities, increased visibility, and additional services valued at 25.000€ to 5 selected startups.

Path B: includes the benefits of path A and aims to implement seven pilots with industry and city partners with the opportunity of being funded up to 50.000€ by EIT Urban Mobility.

When applying for path B, participating startups have the opportunity to solve one of the 15 challenges raised by top European cities and industry companies from the urban mobility sector. The startups will get support from the public authorities and organisations that have raised the challenges, and from the consortium members developing the Scale up programme.

The Scale up programme is led by CARNET, with the collaboration of PowerHub, Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research, UnternehmerTUM, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Niedersächsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik (NFF), Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg and the City of Hamburg, Xpreneurs, UnternehmerTUM Digital Hub Mobility.

For more information about the Scale up programme, the description of the challenges, and to apply for the programme, visit

The second issue of our Solutions Catalogue has been released

The second issue of our Solutions Catalogue has been released, with over 10 new innovations added from the previous issue that are now part of our EIT Urban Mobility community! In this latest edition of the catalogue, we can find new solutions tackling various areas, from urban design solutions for bike safety to traffic management and data collection. 

Our latest solutions serve different phases of urban innovation. For instance, our co-design tool ModelMe3D serves the early stages of urban planning, allowing citizens to participate and have a say in the design of public spaces through a digitalised co-creation process.  Aris is another early-stage solution that supports the construction process by facilitating remote surveys of urban buildings’ assets thanks to an autonomous, unmanned, aerial system device. In contrast, the latest traffic management software Deeptraffic allows transport authorities to start taking advantage of vehicle connectivity to create a dynamic traffic management system. It accumulates and uses road network data to optimise traffic according to the user’s needs. 

Several new solutions for urban planners 

We also provide solutions for planners to exploit real-time mobility and infrastructure data: DASHBIKE enables the collection of anonymous data on cycling infrastructure, traffic and incidents to inform city officials of urban areas requiring attention. Urban Radar offers a series of planning solutions, such as FRET dedicated to logistic activities within industrial parks, Urban Logistics – optimising delivery patterns and trends within cities, or Citizen Needs creating more liveable cities by giving urban planners insights on the goods and services in a given neighbourhood that answer to citizens’ needs. 

New modes of mobility 

Our mobility services WYZE and Giravolta allow citizens and employees to access a wide range of vehicles for various occasions, from last mile deliveries to digital vehicle sharing or even corporate fleets. This makes it easier for individuals and groups to move around in a more sustainable manner.  

If you want to discover the latest available solutions that can help your city shift towards a more sustainable model, then you can’t miss our second issue of the Solutions Catalogue!  

Raptor pilot 2 programme – now open for applications

Cities from Regional Innovation Scheme countries are searching for startups and SMEs to help them solve critical urban mobility issues over a six-month period in the second half of this year.

Through the Raptor Pilot 2 programme , Riga, Tallinn, Bratislava, Cluj-Napoca, Prague City District 6 and City District 7 will work with the winners to implement agile solutions. Applicants are sought from EU Member States or Horizon Europe Associated states.

Each of the cities identified specific challenges that can be addressed in a short period of time. Applicants are invited to help the cities to:

  • promote active mobility while combating the effects of climate change
  • improve the reliability of public transport
  • make micro-mobility more attractive in winter
  • design and test wearables for kindergarden-aged children to monitor their movements and increase safety;
  • improve the regulation of e-bikes and scooters to reduce safety risks to pedestrians

EIT Urban Mobility will support the awardees financially, technically, and commercially, to develop and test their solution from July to December 2022. A maximum of six awardees, one per city challenge, will be selected to work on delivering their solution.

The winners will be awarded a prize package worth up to €50,000 to support the development and in-situ testing of their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) solution.

The total package includes cash funding of up to €30,000, technical and business mentoring, and support to market and promote the project. 

Previous winners prove success with Raptor Pilot 1

Winners from the Raptor Pilot 1 programme, which is coming to an end, spoke about their experiences and their partnership with EIT UM.

“We applied for the programme because as an emerging startup in the mobility space, we had been looking for opportunities … to pilot our solution in a city context. The Raptor Pilot 1 programme was the perfect opportunity for us to do this,” said Marco Filippi, chief executive officer and founder of Volvero, who worked with Tour and Taxis in Brussels.

“One of the main challenges we encountered [was] lack of funding and concrete stakeholder support from municipalities … EIT UM, through this pilot programME, has been able to provide us with the needed funding, collaboration with major stakeholders, and the exposure that the affiliation with the Raptor programme brings,” he added.

EIT Urban Mobility also helped to coordinate with municipality partners and to finance ASIMOB, a tech startup that monitors the conditions of road infrastructure, who used their prize to trial their pilot in the seaside town of Cunit in Catalonia, Spain. They tested the viability of their idea in a small municipality and learned how to work with various government departments to overcome issues. “We had some technical challenges due to the installation of the system in police vehicles that required adaptation of some automated processes … [that] required a specific development [sic] by us,” said Ibon Arechalde, chief executive officer and co-founder.

Meanwhile, Ossana Tanachian, co-founder and operations manager at Cédrat Conseil, Toulouse, France, said EIT Urban Mobility had been vital in setting the milestones and KPIs for the project as well as redesigning the scope of the pilot to fit the timeframe and budget, and emphasised funding from EIT Urban Mobility was crucial to achieve their objectives. Cédrat Conseil worked with Toulouse Métropole to solve waste management issues and improve last-mile garbage collection.

To learn more about the Raptor Pilot 2 programme, how to apply, and conditions, please contact The deadline is 27 May 2022.

Join the Citython 2022 Žilina and co-ideate the solutions for your city! 

Citython 2022, a project funded by EIT UM and organised by CARNET, analyses mobility challenges faced by cities, where multi-disciplinary teams of students and professionals from different backgrounds and expertise (architecture, urban planning, data science, engineering, human science, and business creation) compete against each other to provide innovative solutions.

This hybrid (in person and online) Citython will be held in the city of Žilina, Slovakia, from 29 April to 1 May. The first edition of 2022 is focused on smart mobility, in the context of climate resilient cities, public engagement and extreme weather and humanitarian emergencies. The goal of this Citython is that young professionals search for innovative and creative solutions that can be applied in the city of Žilina to foster innovation. 

This hackathon will provide an opportunity for brilliant young talents to create their works with the help of mentors and experts, who will be at hand during the event, while also experiencing the unforgettable thrill of coming together with peers who share the same passion for digital technology and innovation. 

Citython 2022 is an international event focusing on urban challenges in RIS countries  in which the participating teams work on implementing their ideas from inception to presentable project or prototype in 54 hours. Next events are going to be held Neapolis-Sykies, Greece, and Kosice, Slovakia. Learn more here.

City RAPTOR Call Awardees Selected

After a rigorous two phase evaluation process, the EIT Urban Mobility is pleased to announce the three consortia selected through the City RAPTOR Call!

The RAPTOR Programme will be implemented in the following three cities between 1 May 2022 and 31 December 2022:

Tel Aviv, Israel 

RAPTOR Project Team: Cityzone and CARNET

Cascais, Portugal 

RAPTOR Project Team: University of Lisbon, Municipality of Cascais, and Impact Hub Vienna GMBH 

Istanbul, Turkey 

RAPTOR Project Team: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Farplas Otomotiv AŞ, and BGI S.A. 

Each city will see their 3 niche city mobility challenges addressed by the RAPTOR competition to find the best solutions proposed by teams, start-ups, and SMEs around Europe! The competition for solutions is set to open on 3 May 2022.

The challenges – including topics such as water taxis, bus interchange enhancement, and addressing micro mobility theft – will be published on by 2 May 2022. Stay tuned!

Our Solutions Catalogue is live  

The first issue of the Solutions Catalogue has been released, gathering over thirty innovations developed within the EIT Urban Mobility community! The featured solutions are readily available for implementation and have demonstrated a high potential for environmental, social and economic impact.  

To reach our collective 2030 emission reduction targets, this decade requires accelerated innovation to shift towards sustainable urban mobility. The mobility sector must also address its impact beyond climate and improve in other key topics, including safety, use of public space, and access for vulnerable users. 

A profound remodelling is therefore required, directly affecting and involving cities. 

EIT Urban Mobility is committed to supporting cities in this necessary transition. With this catalogue, cities are provided with solutions that help them tackle their greatest mobility challenges. The available innovations are aligned with EIT Urban Mobility’s strategic criteria to ensure they lead to creating more sustainable, liveable urban spaces. 

The available innovations are labelled with EIT Urban Mobility’s Challenge Areas. This includes the four prioritised areas (Active mobility, Sustainable city logistics, Future mobility and Mobility and energy), as well as the five additional areas (find out more in the catalogue). The solutions also span a variety of topics which have proven to be a key priority in cities worldwide: Monitoring and reducing carbon emissions, with solutions from Hopu, Allihop or Volvero; promoting behaviour-change among citizens, with Nudgd or Veomo; digitalising mobility management, with solutions from Vianova, Meight or Fluctuo; transitioning to new modes of energy, enabled by Bia, Elonroad or Evio; and many more.  

In order to ensure the utmost quality of the featured solutions, they must all pass an assessment evaluating their market-readiness and potential for positive impact. Cities are therefore provided with a list of available innovations ready to directly benefit their citizens.  

Discover these solutions here! 

Call for Proposals for the Business Plan 2023-2025 on Innovation just launched!

The EIT Urban Mobility is launching the Call for Proposals for the Business Plan 2023-2025 on Innovation. The total maximum EIT funding allocated to this call is up to 12.7 million EUR and 2 million EUR RIS Innovation.

Active Mobility: This challenge aims at supporting proposals that boost active mobility means of transport within cities. What is active mobility, you may wonder…? The physical activity undertaken as means of transport, including travel by foot, bicycle or other vehicles which require physical effort to get moving.  

Future Mobility: With this challenge, we aim at supporting the development of new services and disruptive technologies with the potential to reshape the way we live, work and move within the city.   

Sustainable City Logistics: This challenge aims at supporting the development of new vehicles, new procurement/ purchasing models, new consolidation solutions, new hub services, new production models, etc.  

Mobility and Energy: With this challenge, we aim to contribute to increase the use of cleaner fueled vehicles in one or more European cities.  

For more information on these calls, please visit the Call page.  

Delivers.AI, the first autonomous grocery delivery of the mobility Sandbox in Madrid

Have you imagined the city of the future with a robot that will deliver your groceries?

Madrid Futuro with the City Council has presented the first autonomous delivery robot pilot, Delivers.AI that will be tested in the Villaverde mobility Sandbox, a unique opportunity to position Madrid in the top 10 Smart Cities in the world. Delivers.AI begins with a first phase, before the official implementation starting in January 2022. During this initial phase, the City Council will grant a specific license to test Delivers.AI in Goya location in Madrid with 2 delivery robots delivering Daily 50 orders autonomously.
As Ángel Niño, councilor for innovation and entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council points out, “authorizing proof of concept in a limited area in a few weeks will make us a very attractive point for the delivery robot from all over the world to establish themselves in Madrid”. The company, he continued, “will create jobs and promote the economic development of the district and the entire city.”

Autonomous Robotic Delivery Service from Glovo, Goggo, and Delivers.AI

“Delivers.AI self-driving robotic delivery company has already automized thousands of orders in Europe with its unique autonomous driving and navigation technology. We appreciate the support from Madrid Futuro and together with Glovo and Goggo Network we will explore the opportunities to bring the advantages of contactless delivery to Madrid’s daily life.”
“Automated last-mile delivery demand continues to grow across Europe. Not only online order platforms but also smart cities have now taken a great interest in self-driving delivery services. Autonomous delivery has huge potential to improve the life of people in smart cities while helping online order platforms optimize their last-mile logistics and cut down the delivery costs” said Ali Kutay Yarali, Founder & CEO of Delivers.AI
For her part, Elisa Caballero, Global Head of Engineering Strategy and Operations at Glovo, assures that “technology and the digital economy represent a great opportunity, especially when they are promoted from public-private collaboration. At Glovo we are proud to be able to join the Madrid Futuro project as a technological partner ”.
The Autonomous Robotic Delivery Service will be the first autonomous technology pilot in Spain, designed for city centers. It is a sidewalk autonomous robot, fully electrical, that will move along the sidewalks of the streets within a certain area at the speed of a pedestrian. Once an order is received, the robot will go autonomously to a designated supermarket where it can deposit the order. From there, the robot will make its way to the customer’s building, which will be able to check its position at any time. Once it arrives, the customer will be notified to collect their order.
Glovo and Delivers.AI have partnered with Goggo Network. It is one of the last ‘startups’ set up by Martin Varsavsky, who rose to fame as the founder of Jazztel and who is now a well-known investor and entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Goggo Network in multiple areas such as technology, telecommunications, and even assisted reproduction and fertility. Despite being a very young company, this has not prevented it from raising funding from some of the largest funds in the world. In 2019, he closed a round of 44 million euros which was led by two giants such as the Japanese firm Softbank and the German Axel Springer.
Delivers.AI expects to reach 1500 delivery robots at the end of 2022 in Europe and the UK.
Hepsi Burada in Istanbul:
Goggo Network in Goya, Madrid:

Delivers.AI is a startup that has received the support from the EIT Urban Mobility Business Creation programmes.

PRESS RELEASE: Trending topics and speakers for Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress

Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress (TMWC) is a pilot event that will take place in Barcelona from 16 to 18 November. The event is organised by Fira de Barcelona and EIT Urban Mobility, representing our flagship event 2021.

Making a difference

The goal of TMWC is to go beyond a yearly event, and become an international hub for urban sustainable and intelligent mobility. That is why, we have complemented the congress with two other initiatives:

  • a digital content platform which will operate 365 days a year
  • a physical innovation centre in Barcelona to bring companies, startups, and institutions together.

Maria Tsavachidis, CEO of EIT Urban Mobility and President of TMWC says:

Profile photo of Maria Tsavachidis

“Gathering so many international experts for three days is proof enough of the serious commitment of the global mobility ecosystem and its goal of improving people’s lives.

With Tomorrow Mobility, we are paving the road to a better and more sustainable world. We begin to draw the roadmap to the future of mobility together”.

Main topics

The sessions will cover trending topics in the sector of urban mobility: from putting Mobility as a Service (MaaS) to work, thus making climate neutrality possible by 2030, to safely deploying Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

  • How will future metropolises balance the mobility needs of millions of citizens?
  • Why global sustainability is urgent?
  • Will urban drones become a reality soon?
  • Will electric vehicles become the gold standard?


To address these and many other questions, we will count with over 75 top level speakers from all over the world, including:

  • Vassilis Agouridas, Strategic Innovation Senior Manager and responsible of the deployment of UAM at Airbus
  • Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, Director of Urban Planning, IS Global
  • Wiebke Pankauke, Deputy Head of Unit for Future and Urban Mobility Systems, European Commission
  • Karen Vancluysen, Secretary General, POLIS Network
  • Wolfgang Inninger, Head of Project for Traffic and Mobility, Fraunhofer IML

Exhibition and Innovation Zone

Tomorrow Mobility will also feature an exhibition space where companies such as Seat, Abertis, Easymile, Keolis, PTV Group, RACC and Renfe, will showcase their latest products. In addition, 19 of the startups supported by our Business Creation programmes will showcase their solutions, including:

  • Auve Tech: transportation featuring hydrogen-fuelled micro-shuttles
  • Vonzu: automated logistics management platforms
  • Dashbike: radar-equipped micro cameras designed to improve cyclist security

You are still in time to register! Click to the link below and join us on 16-18 November in Barcelona!

Auve Tech wins the award for best pitch at the Ready2Scale II event during ITS World Congress 2021

As part of the ScaleTHENGlobal programme, a programme financed by the EIT Urban Mobility and led by CARNET, the 15 participating startups from this edition were invited to participate in the Ready2Scale II event, which was part of the ITS World Congress, taking place in Hamburg from 11 to 15 October. During this activity, organised by Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg, the startups pitched live in front of the audience and a jury of experts, who chose Auve Tech as the best pitch from the session.

After an introduction by Peter Vest, Business Creation Manager at EIT Urban Mobility, startups presented their business ideas and were afterwards faced by questions from the jury, who then performed the task of selecting three winners. The first place was awarded with an economic prize of 2,000€, second place received 1,000€, and the third best pitch was awarded 500€. The jury of experts was composed by:

  • Doreen Brodersen, Director Business Unit New Business at FUNKE Logistik
  • Ulrich Balke, Sales Direktor at KPMG Germany
  • Christian Salzmann, Executive Director Startup Dock Hamburg

After all the startups had their chance to pitch their solutions, Auve Tech, represented by Paula Johanna Adamson (Chief Sales Officer at Auve Tech) was announced as the winning startup from the session, receiving a 2,000€ prize. They have developed an autonomous shuttle, providing a safe and sustainable solution for last-mile transportation.

Ottoban, represented by Marc Schindler (Managing Director at Ottobahn), received the silver medal and a prize of 1,000€ for their pitch of their emission-free and autonomous system for transportation of people and goods. Lastly, Elonroad, represented by Dan Zethreaus (Founder & Innovator at Elonroad) was awarded with 500€. They have designed a high-tech electric road system capable of auto-charging all types of electric vehicles when parked, as well as when driving.

In addition to the pitching session, some of the startups from the ScaleTHENGlobal Programme had their own booth at the ITS Future Area, reserved to these companies in order to facilitate networking opportunities at the congress, increasing their chance to meet potential investors during the event, which gathered key stakeholders from the urban mobility sector.  

The ITS World Congress showcased the newest trends in smart mobility solutions and logistics alongside national and international partners during the week of 11–15 October 2021. When closing its doors on Friday, it hit a record of 13,000 guests and 400 exhibitors from all over the world. This confirms the huge interest towards creating a more efficient, comfortable and climate-friendlier urban mobility.

ScaleTHENGlobal is financed by EIT Urban Mobility and is a programme led by CARNET (initiative coordinated by CIT UPC), with the collaboration of PowerHub, Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research, UnternehmerTUM, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Niedersächsisches Forschungszentrum Fahrzeugtechnik (NFF), Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg and the City of Hamburg, with the support of Xpreneurs, UnternehmerTUM Digital Hub Mobility and SpinLab.

EIT URBAN MOBLITY | Startup Investments 2021 (Q3)

Urban mobility is undergoing one of the most transformational shifts of a generation. A successful strategy in the industry requires the adoption of a comprehensive and coherent approach, centered on innovative ventures that are disrupting this landscape. 

While the pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the economy, the crisis has also encountered major opportunities for innovation. Examples of drivers underpinning this ongoing transformation are startups and scale-ups with high financial, environmental and social impact and growth potential. 

In pursuit of leading positive change and business prosperity, EIT Urban Mobility is investing up to €150.000 per company in high-impact startups and scale-ups to accelerate their journey, to continue critical innovation and to ultimately transform the European urban mobility landscape. 

An EIT Urban Mobility investment will not only provide you with capital but also position you in the venturing ecosystem and include you in our European partner network of corporates, investors and cities. 

Who qualifies for startup investment?

Startups and scale-ups currently fundraising or preferably already in an ongoing funding round with the following characteristics: 

  • Incorporated not more than 10 years ago 
  • Less than 100 employees on their payroll
  • Innovative product/ service contributing to at least one of the EIT Urban Mobility Focus Areas:  
  1. Urban Air Mobility  
  2. Waterway Transportation & Water Logistics 
  3. Connected Vehicles 
  4. Mobility & Energy 
  5. Autonomous Vehicles and Systems 
  6. Mapping and Navigation 
  7. Sensors and Training Data 
  8. Mobility Services 
  9. Vehicle Marketplaces and Aftermarket 
  10. Smart Cities & Smart Parking 
  11. Last-mile Delivery & Green Logistics 

For more information, please contact Pablo Garrido

Tips for future applicants

You can submit your application form using EIT Urban Mobility platform. The platform has new functionalities to help you prepare your application, and the Guide for Applicants and FAQs on the EIT Urban Mobility’s website have been updated.

  • You can prove that your company has successfully developed and commercialised products or services that represent a significant innovation in markets where value and monetisation can be maximised 
  • You have the management and technical expertise, with the necessary resources to show that the company is economically viable 
  • Your company’s operations, products/services contribute positively to at least one of the EIT Urban Mobility’s Core Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); SDG3, SDG7, SDG8, SDG9, SDG11 and SDG13 

Activity DateComment 
Call opens25 October 2021Register here: application form
Deadline12 November 2021
Evaluation of proposals12 – 19 November 2021 Timeframe dependent on number of eligible applications  
Final Evaluation period with Virtual Pitch, Q&As and Due Diligence22 – 26 November 2021Timeframe dependent on number of eligible applications 
Announcement of companies selected29 – 30 November 2021Outcome notifications for different selected applications will be made as they happen
Approval and signature of investmentDecember 2021   

What we offer

Our startup investment instrument consists of up to €150.000 in exchange for equity. If selected for investment, your company will also benefit from access to regional ecosystems, infrastructure and coaching to drive growth and internationalisation. 

These are the requirements that companies need to fulfil to be eligible:

  1. The amount of equity for EIT Urban Mobility needs to be substantiated (e.g. company valuation set in the last funding round, revenues, term sheet, etc.) when submitting the application form.
  2. EIT Urban Mobility will be a strategic shareholder, and EIT Urban Mobility’s shares would be diluted in case of capital increases
  3. Selected Applicants are required to contribute to EIT Urban Mobility’s Financial Sustainability Mechanism (FSM). The Applicant will give out company’s shares in exchange of the investment received, based on the company’s valuation and investment amount agreed by EIT Urban Mobility and the applicant. This means EIT Urban Mobility will benefit from the success of your business
  4. A term sheet and a shareholders agreement shall be notarised to formalise the investment

Selection criteria

  • Resilience and capacity to leverage your company’s resources as a response to the changing environment and challenges and opportunities, ensuring traction and growth 
  • Positive contribution to at least one of our challenge areas (Active Mobility, Sustainable City Logistics, Creating Public Realm, Future Mobility and Mobility & Energy) and to Core Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); SDG3, SDG7, SDG8, SDG9, SDG11 and SDG13 
  • You have secured/ committed investment from other accredited investors (BA, VC, CVC, etc.) in your current capital raise where EIT Urban Mobility would participate 
  • You can act fast and diligently to formalise the current funding round and the investment process  

The equality between men and women is a core value for EIT Urban Mobility. We support the adoption of the EIT’s Gender Mainstreaming Policy and its impact in the Knowledge Triangle.

In consequence, the quality and experience of the founders’ team is essential, and a gender-balanced team is evaluated as a significant strength.

Exclusion criteria

Applicants will be excluded if they:  

  • Are subject to an administrative sanction (i.e. exclusion) 
  • Are in one of the following situations: a. Bankrupt, being wound up, having their affairs administered by the courts, entered into an arrangement with creditors, suspended business activities or subject to any other similar proceedings or procedures under national law (including persons with unlimited liability for the participant’s debts) b. Declared in breach of social security or tax obligations by a final judgment or decision (including persons with unlimited liability for the participant’s debts)  
  • Are found guilty of grave professional misconduct by a final judgment or decision (including persons having powers of representation, decision-making or control)  
  • Are convicted of fraud, corruption, involvement in a criminal organisation, money laundering, terrorism-related crimes (including terrorism financing), child labour or human trafficking (including persons having powers of representation, decision-making or control)  
  • Shown significant deficiencies in complying with main obligations under a procurement contract, grant agreement or grant decision financed by the EU or Euratom budget (including persons having powers of representation, decision-making or control)  
  • Have misrepresented information required for participating in the EIT Urban Mobility funding scheme or fail to submit such information  
  • Were involved in the preparation of any documentation regarding this call or are involved in the evaluation process of this call and this entails a distortion of competition 

Selection process and key dates

  • Please use this application form to express interest and provide all requested  details about your company at the latest  by the 12 of November 2021
  • All applications will be evaluated by EIT Urban Mobility staff with the support of independent external experts and venture capital investors
  • By the 29 – 30 of November 2021, EIT Urban Mobility will announce the companies selected and will also communicate the next steps
  • All information you share with us will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR (Regulation EU 2016/679)  

Episode 7 of the podcast Conversations in the Park is now released!

To celebrate #InternationalPodcastDay, we present to you Episode 7 of #ConversationsInTheParkPodcast: The StartUp journey in Mobility, sponsored by EIT Urban Mobility.

We had two startup leaders, Mari-Ly Klaats COO of Auve Tech Thibault Castagne co-founder and CEO of Vianova I/O share their experiences of beginning and existing in the mobility industry, as well as EIT Urban Mobility’s own Business Creation Director Fredrik Hånell who talked of his work with startups. Thank you to our co-hosts Christopher Gruen and David Fidalgo for guiding the discussion. A very insightful conversation, especially for startups in mobility.

Listen to the episode here:


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And everywhere else you find your #podcasts