Capital for your
Mobility Startup

EIT Urban Mobility invests in European mobility ventures
to help them scale sustainable.

Startup Investments

EIT Urban Mobility is looking for startups offering innovative urban mobility solutions to create a more social and healthier environment in cities.

As an impact investor, EIT Urban Mobility invests in solutions that contribute positively to at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to sustainable cities and communities, clean energy, and climate action. Furthermore, EIT Urban Mobility encourages inclusive and gender-balanced teams to apply for this funding on green mobility.

To stimulate the talent and entrepreneurial mindset in all of Europe, EIT Urban Mobility pays special attention to startups incorporated in the Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS), where conservative and risk-avoiding policy-making can slow down change and innovation. After their application, startups from these countries will be invited to a specific investment committee to ensure the channelling of the additional financial support available to RIS startups.

Is your startup helping to create liveable urban spaces?

Then this investment is your chance to get a real product-market fit and
enter international markets faster.

What to expect as a startup of the
EIT Urban Mobility’s equity portfolio?

Up to €500.000 investment

Fast-track introductions to the
largest pan-European mobility
including cities,
corporates and other sister
European organisations such as
the EIB, the EIC and the EIF

Mentoring and hands-on
to scale your company
with increased visibility.
Access to top-tier events

Access to exclusive funding
to scale sustainable
via city pilots, funding through
innovation projects and follow-on
investment opportunities

Does your startup qualify for mobility investment?

Startups and scale-ups currently fundraising or preferably already in an ongoing funding round with the following characteristics:

  • Urban mobility startups in pre-seed and seed rounds
  • Incorporated not more than 10 years ago
  • Less than 100 employees on their payroll
  • Innovative product/service contributing to at least one of the EIT Urban Mobility Focus Areas

Areas we invest in:

  1. Urban Air Mobility
  2. Waterway Transportation & Water Logistics
  3. Connected Vehicles
  4. Mobility & Energy
  5. Autonomous Vehicles and Systems
  6. Mapping and Navigation
  7. Sensors and Training Data
  8. Mobility Services
  9. Vehicle Marketplaces and Aftermarket
  10. Smart Cities & Smart Parking
  11. Last-mile Delivery & Green Logistics

This year-round investment call supports startups, driving growth and going international. It also supports startups from outside Europe willing to expand their business in the European ecosystem related to urban mobility. Gender-balanced teams in these topics are encouraged to apply.

Is your startup contributing
to the creation of more sustainable
and green urban areas?

EIT Urban Mobility equity portfolio startups get unique access
to cities, mobility players and exclusive funding opportunities.

Selection Criteria
for mobility funding

  • Resilience and capacity to leverage your company’s resources as a response to the changing environment and challenges and opportunities, ensuring traction and growth.
  • Positive contribution to at least one of our challenge areas (Active Mobility, Sustainable City Logistics, Creating Public Realm, Future Mobility and Mobility & Energy) and to Core Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); SDG3, SDG7, SDG8, SDG9, SDG11 and SDG13.
  • You have secured/committed investment from other accredited investors (BA, VC, CVC, etc.) in your current capital raise where EIT Urban Mobility would participate.
  • You can act fast and diligently to formalise the current funding round and the investment process.
  • The equality between men and women is a core value for EIT Urban Mobility. We support the adoption of the EIT’s Gender Mainstreaming Policy and its impact in the Knowledge Triangle.
  • In consequence, the quality and experience of the founders’ team is essential, and a gender-balanced team is evaluated as a significant strength.
  • See for all criteria and guidelines to apply, the guide for applicants.

Application timeline

The investment application call is year-round starting 1 February 2022 to December 2022.

EIT Urban Mobility reviews investment applications following a 2-stage evaluation process, and will evaluate them as they arrive on a first-in first-out approach. The applicant will receive a notification about the decision within a few weeks from submission.

February 2022

Call opening

2-stage evaluation process

Continuous 2-stage evaluation process of applications. First-in first-out approach

December 2022

Call closing

Tips for the future applicants to get
startup investment funds:

  • You can prove that your company has successfully developed and commercialised products or services that represent a significant innovation in connected mobility markets where value and monetisation can be maximised.
  • You have the management and technical expertise, with the necessary resources to show that the company is economically viable.
  • Your company's operations, products/services contribute positively to at least one of the EIT Urban Mobility's Core Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); SDG3, SDG7, SDG8, SDG9, SDG11, and SDG13.
  • Prepare for your application by checking the required questions of the application form

For questions and further information, contact the investment team at: