Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress

16-18 November 2021
Barcelona, Spain

Shaping tomorrow starts today

A new impulse for urban mobility transitions

EIT Urban Mobility
at the Congress area

  • Auditorium: we will have a welcome address by our CEO Maria Tsavachidis and a keynote presentation by Mark Major, Senior Advisor of SLOCAT, Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport, and a high-level plenary session on “Climate-neutral cities by 2030: Mission impossible?”.

Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress room. Find the full programme here.

Where to find us

EIT Urban Mobility
at the Exhibition zone

  • EIT Urban Mobility booth: we would be delighted to welcome you at our booth located at Street D, Stand 174
  • Central Agora: we will have 2 sessions, both organised by the EIT Urban Mobility Innovation team and its projects.

Innovation Zone:  Twenty of our supported startups will have a booth there and 5 organisations will showcase their solutions at the demo zone. 

EIT Urban Mobility presence at the Live event

  • Mobility Talks Special Edition: Sustainable city logistics, from 13:00 to 14:00 CET 
  • Introduction to our brand new Mobility Innovation Marketplace, 10:35 CET
  • Main highlights of our Factory study on costs and benefits of the sustainable urban mobility transition, 10:45 CET

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Join us at our annual flagship event, now merged with the Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress (TMWC), taking place on 16-18 November, in Barcelona! A new impulse for urban mobility transitions

It is claimed that change is the only constant that one should take for granted. With new habits, stemming from the quest for convenience and enabled by technology advancements that are unnoticeably absorbed into our daily activities, the transport sector is evolving, too, and fast. These macrotrends are especially visible in the urban areas where exponential growth of mobility needs overlaps with the dynamic spatial expansion, becoming a burden both for the inhabitants and the environment. Tomorrow.Mobility, a successor of Smart.Mobility Congress that since 2019 has been attracting international exhibitors and global audience, invites open discussion and solutions addressing the future of mobility, aiming to bring the experience to the next level with new features and refreshed formula.

To build on the momentum of the ambitious initiatives on climate change and Resilience Funds approved by the European Commission, and processes accelerated by the COVID19 pandemic, Tomorrow.Mobility is beyond the place and time of a one-off event, being a platform launched jointly by Fira de Barcelona and EIT Urban Mobility through the strategic partnership announced on 11 June 2021. The flagship event – Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress – is complemented by a 365 digital platform. In both verticals, the content is positioned around eight strategic enablers for sustainable mobility growth which are: Micromobility, Public Transportation, Mobility Service Provider, Automotion, Last Mile Logistics, Seamless Transportation, Smart infrastructures, Energy Transition & Efficiency, and Active Mobility. Being aware of the strong ties that mobility has with other sectors, the scope is stretched to the segments of Smart Infrastructures and Energy Transition & Efficiency, giving broader context to the transition we are about to face.

The main event takes place 16 to 18 November in Barcelona, Spain. Co-located with the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), it is seeking for synergies and complementing the already strong global community with over 10,000 professional visitors, along with high level representatives from cities all over the world and over 400 international speakers expected, with ambitious visions to create more liveable, green and citizens-centred neighbourhoods. Sustainability is still the icing on the cake, often lost in the hustle and bustle of business plans built on profit-oriented financial indicators. A vacancy for a loud voice to call for change must be filled in with no further delays and Tomorrow.Mobility, thanks to the outstanding network o partners, is ready to take on global leadership. Why do we bother?

As we are growing older, the need for a holistic approach with strong focus on mobility aspects becomes clearer to us, citizens. There is no exaggeration to claim that when building cities, cities are building us. The way we commute impose the way we live, so Tomorrow.Mobility raises the topics which concerns all of us. Mobility innovations that we support cannot strive only for technology profitability but rather focus first on societal impact and planet legacy. Our living space deserves to be free from traffic jams, car-occupied pavements, and GHG emissions. Therefore, driven by numbers generated at previous editions and success stories facilitated by visibility and ground-breaking model of advocacy for a better urban world that the Smart City Expo World Congress built so far, we are eager to welcome exhibitors and participants who will continue the legacy during the Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress.

With all the efforts made so far and ambitious plans set for the future, Tomorrow.Mobility is broadcasting a clear message out in space. We would like to build an affordable, sustainable and intermodal ecosystem for urban mobility, with impact far beyond providing door-to-door high-quality service. If you can imagine streets owned by citizens again, it is worth getting on board and co-create possibilities that are waiting to be explored.

No later than Tomorrow.