Microsoft and EIT Urban Mobility: an alliance to boost innovation in urban mobility

Barcelona, Nov 2023 – In a significant move towards advancing the future of urban mobility, EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hub South has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Microsoft, marking the beginning of a strategic collaboration between the two entities.

Under the agreement, EIT Urban Mobility and Microsoft will leverage their expertise to accelerate innovation in urban mobility solutions, addressing the evolving challenges cities face in Europe.

The MoU outlines several areas of collaboration by combining EIT Urban Mobility’s deep knowledge of urban mobility challenges with Microsoft’s technological prowess, aiming to create sustainable, efficient, and inclusive mobility solutions for urban environments. The agreement means a massive step towards fostering collaboration and its potential impact on urban mobility, highlighting the importance of harnessing technology to address the complexities of urban transportation, improve sustainability, and enhance city residents’ overall quality of life.

The EIT Urban Mobility and Microsoft association is a testament to the power of collaboration between academia, industry, and technology leaders. The MoU sets the stage for a new era of innovation in urban mobility, where data-driven solutions and advanced technologies pave the way for more innovative, more sustainable cities.