63 startups selected for the Accelerators and Scale-up Programmes 2024 

Out of 363 applications received, a total of 63 startups have been selected to take part in EIT Urban Mobility’s Accelerator and Scale-up programmes. This results in a 17% success rate for applicants to these six programmes.

The high number of applicants is a testament to the vibrant and innovative sector that is urban mobility and transport and the average number of applications received per programme increased by 3% since 2023. Moreover, this year 23 countries are present in this year’s cohort with 11 countries within the higher priority Regional Investment Scheme (RIS) represented. 50% of startups in this group are women-founded or led, with 13% women CEOs. This representation falls in line with EIT Urban Mobility’s commitment to close the entrepreneurship gender gap / support women entrepreneurs. 

EIT Urban Mobility’s Accelerators and Scale-up programmes provide startups with the services and support needed to upskill while connecting with experienced professionals who provide personalised guidance and mentoring over a six-month period. The accessibility of lab testing allows for real-world validation and optimisation of products and services.

With an extensive EU network, EIT Urban Mobility’s Accelerators and Scale-up programmes also facilitate valuable matchmaking opportunities with cities and industry partners, fostering collaborations and strategic partnerships. Furthermore, startups gain access to important industry events, enabling them to showcase their solutions, network with key stakeholders and gain crucial visibility. 

For PANTOhealth GmbH, this is their third participation in an investment or accelerator programme. The German startup combines simulation software and IoT to deliver software-as-a-service solutions which increase both the efficiency and longevity of essential train parts. Previous programmes successfully applied for are the 5G TURBO Accelerator programme in 2022 and the Startup Investments call the following year.

Another such company is Deepvolt, the Tunisian start-up that enables the smart planning of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for cities and charging point operators, have taken part both in the 2023 cohort of Investment Readiness Accelerator and E+ Mobility Accelerator Programme as well as the SME Market Expansion Call in 2024. Being a Tunisian startup, Deepvolt are evidence of the support EIT Urban Mobility provide further than the 27 EU member states, in what is known as Horizon Europe associated countries.  

Raül Feliu, Impact Ventures Startup Programmes Manager: “Since our first year of startup programmes in 2020, EIT Urban Mobility has continually evolved to better support mobility startups, refining our startup-centric approach to provide unparalleled guidance and resources. We keep our focus on supporting startups creating positive impact and, this year, we have implemented a standardized impact quantification at the application stage to have an objectivized assessment. Our accelerator and scale-up programmes not only nurture innovative solutions but also serve as a vital pipeline for our investment activities, spotlighting top-performing startups for future growth. We are dedicated to driving impactful change in urban mobility, we are committed to narrow the gender gap at the entrepreneurship ecosystem, we are here to empower startups to revolutionize the future of urban transport and build a sustainable tomorrow, together.” 

Selected startups

Future Mobility – Accelerate2MOVE 

Accelerate2MOVE will provide support to startups generating solutions (TRL4 to TRL7) in advanced technologies and concepts that contribute to the sustainability of urban mobility, more specifically in AI, blockchain, 5G, vehicle-2-everything (V2X) and IoT. 

Inclusive Mobility – Better Mobility Accelerator 

The Better Mobility Accelerator is a precursor and will support 12 startups during 2024 focusing on inclusive mobility to develop and implement innovative solutions in urban mobility. 

Scale-up Programme 2024 

The Scale-up Programme is a precursor and will support 12 startups during 2024 with a cross-thematic focus so that they develop and implement innovative solutions in the field of urban mobility. 

Smart Mobility Accelerator – DMS Consortium 2024 

The DMS Accelerator focuses on smart and sustainable mobility so that they develop and implement innovative solutions in the field of urban mobility. 

Sustainable Cities and Clean Mobility Accelerator 

The Sustainable Cities and Clean Mobility Accelerator aims to transform your sustainable city logistics solution from local to global. In this six-month program get ready to scale up your startup and bring your innovative solution to cities across Europe.   

Urban Air Mobility Plazza Accelerator 

The UAM Plazza accelerator programme aims to help startups in the field of Urban Air Mobility boost the introduction of their solutions to the market.