EIT Urban Mobility starts sponsorship of podcasts powered by Y-Mobility

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Y-Mobility on ‘Conversations in the Park’. ‘Conversations in the Park’ is a podcast platform that provides insightful and meaningful conversations in a relaxing environment relating to the mobility space. Our first sponsored podcast episode powered by Y-Mobility is on “The impact of mobility on our cities”.

In the following months we will be working together on three episodes exploring central mobility issues and topics, such as the impact of mobility in urban areas, mobility solutions, the start-up journey in the mobility sector, smart cities and more.

Following some discussion between our two organisations, we realised there is a lot of synergy between the values and goals of the EIT Urban Mobility and Y-Mobility’s podcast. So we decided to join forces and create meaningful conversations together. 

The series of podcast episodes will include a diversity of guests, from industry professionals to innovative entrepreneurs, cultivating a multi-sided discussion. We will not just focus on Europe, but look at mobility on a global scale. The episodes will aim to provide deep industry insights while focusing on the mobility challenges of this age, continuing the EIT Urban Mobility’s initiative of boosting urban mobility. 

Podcast on the Challenges and advancements of mobility in urban areas published.

Also available in Google Play