EIT Urban Mobility forges an innovative partnership with ID4 Mobility

27 September 2023 – EIT Urban Mobility is thrilled to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ID4 Mobility, a pioneering technology company focused on advancing intelligent transportation solutions. This strategic partnership is set to revolutionise how cities across Europe address urban mobility challenges, making transportation more sustainable, efficient, and accessible for all.

A Synergistic Collaboration

The MoU signed between EIT Urban Mobility and ID4 Mobility marks the beginning of an exciting partnership that will harness the strengths of both organizations. Together, we aim to drive innovation in urban mobility, transforming how people move within cities and reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

By combining EIT Urban Mobility’s expertise in fostering innovation and ID4 Mobility’s technological prowess, this collaboration promises to unlock new opportunities for sustainable urban mobility, improve the quality of life for city residents, and contribute to the broader goal of a greener, more connected Europe.

About ID4Mobility

ID4Mobility is a European mobility cluster acting in West France, Europe, and internationally. Through a collaborative approach, they bring together 400+ members focusing on more intelligent Mobility and supporting 50 EU projects and 250 members in developing their large-scale innovation projects since 2006.

Learn more: id4mobility.org/en