Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility: Get your mobility solution funded and implemented in Barcelona.

  • Funded by EIT Urban Mobility, the Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Institute of Technology for the Habitat, DGT, and Fira de Barcelona, the Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility was created to boost the implementation of innovative urban mobility projects.
  • The first challenge offers an allocation of 200,000€ in prizes plus the chance to implement the solution in the city of  Barcelona. 

Barcelona, a world-renowned city for its beautiful architecture, culture, and stunning views, is now making strides in the world of urban mobility. Funded by EIT Urban Mobility, the Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Institute of Technology for the Habitat, DGT, and Fira de Barcelona, the Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility was created to boost the implementation of innovative urban mobility projects.
The Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility initiative is the perfect opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs looking to develop and implement their solutions for more efficient urban transportation. To attract the most disruptive solutions, the Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility has just launched its first challenge, offering an allocation of 200,000€ worth of prizes plus the chance to implement the winner’s solution in Barcelona.

The Challenge: How can Barcelona reduce motorbike accidents while increasing the safety of both motorcyclists and pedestrians?

The challenge is open to all innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups with a solution that can help to improve urban mobility in Barcelona. Examples of solutions that are eligible for the challenge include, but are not limited to, solutions for optimizing traffic flows, solutions for improving public transportation, solutions for improving air quality, and solutions for reducing emissions.

In addition to the 200,000 in prizes, the challenge also offers the opportunity for the winner to implement their solution in Barcelona. This is an incredible opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs, as it will provide a chance for their solution to be tested in a realworld environment and potentially have an impact on the lives of Barcelona residents.
The deadline for applications to the Barcelona Innova Lab Mobility challenge is 1 March 2021, so dont miss out on this amazing opportunity.

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Welcome Urban Lab Mobility Barcelona!  – EIT Urban Mobility, Barcelona City Council, Fira de Barcelona, and DGT join forces to turn the city into a test bed for future mobility.

For EIT Urban Mobility, living labs are instrumental for testing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating new and innovative mobility solutions. Our Living labs knowledge base platform is a collection of both living lab learning practices and management tools. While the learning practices are initiatives that can function as an inspiration for other living labs, the management tools are a collection of best practices, recommendations on how to set up and operate mobility living labs, how to upscale, allow for citizens’ engagement, and co-create with the end-use and evaluate impacts.

  • Barcelona City Council, EIT Urban Mobility, Fira de Barcelona, and DGT have formed an alliance to encourage companies to develop innovative mobility projects in the Catalan capital. 

  • The objective is to promote and boost innovation in smart and sustainable urban mobility, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

  • The initiative has been presented to the public through a press conference chaired by Ms. Laia Bonet, deputy major at Barcelona City Council and Mr. Pere Navarro, director of DGT, and attended by Mr. Joan Angulo Arrese, Director Corporate Marketing & Strategic Projects at Fira Barcelona and Mr. Daniel Serra, Ecosystem director at EIT Urban Mobility. 

Urban Lab Mobility Barcelona will be the first Living Labs laboratory in the city of Barcelona. The initiative aims to promote and facilitate the implementation of pilot tests and innovative projects in intelligent and sustainable urban mobility to diversify the city’s economy and consolidate Barcelona as the capital of innovation in mobility in Southern Europe. Through this alliance between administrations and entities, the aim is to contribute to scaling up and giving international projection to these types of innovation projects in mobility by incorporating their presentation at the leading international fairs in the market.

Public space as a test bed
One of the main problems companies encounter when developing innovative economic activities is the lack of regulation. A fact that limits their capacity to create new technologies and services. To avoid missing out on this type of opportunity, Urban Lab Barcelona will offer several geographical areas to companies as test spaces within the city, with the aim of testing pilot projects in natural environments before they are commercialised. The test spaces will be determined according to the characteristics of each project.

Advisory services and access to data
Also aimed at the organisations involved in this initiative, dynamic and personalised advisory and technical support services will be offered by experts who will provide legal, technical and operational guidance and data and information collection thanks to Barcelona City Council’s network and sensor infrastructure. Participating companies can access real-time traffic information, municipal databases, etc.

Big Data Office
A Big Data office will be created to manage all the data collected during the pilot tests.

An initiative within the framework of the future Barcelona Urban Innovation Lab
This alliance to test the mobility of the future in Barcelona is part of the strategy to consolidate Barcelona as the innovation capital of Southern Europe, defined through the public-private platform of the Barcelona Innovation Coast (BIC). The project will also be one of the first initiatives of the Barcelona Urban Innovation Lab, managed by the municipal foundation BIT Habitat. The service will be operational throughout 2022.

EIT Urban Mobility’s knowledge of the living labs approach, leveraging the expertise of the front-runner cities and organisations that are members of our community, our experience in managing innovation projects integrating research and innovation processes in real-life communities, and our community covers the quadruple-helix of innovation, are the main contributions of our entity to the initiative.