The Innovation Hub South: co-leaders of the Spanish Working Group of the GAIA-X project

Last June 2021, EIT Urban Mobility Hub South was selected by the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation as one of the co-leading entities of the mobility group in Spain of the Gaia X project. More than 300 companies and public entities have submitted their manifestation of interest.

Being selected as co-leaders members of this working group allows the Innovation Hub South to participate actively in the initiative and offers us a unique opportunity to strengthen our technological commitment and the leadership of our community. The association is doing pioneering work in data infrastructure and digital ecosystems, and it will have an immense impact on Europe’s economic future.

About Gaia- X
Gaia-X is the next generation of digital data infrastructure: a trustworthy data ecosystem across Europe and beyond based on the European values of openness, transparency, and sovereignty. The international community of Gaia-X Hubs supports this unique pan-European idea on national levels to nurture a dynamic, grassroots ecosystem.

The Spanish Hub
The objective of the Hubs is to facilitate and support the creation of European Data Spaces. Hubs focus on developing these relevant spaces to the local region and interact with other areas to build cross-national data nets. The Spanish Gaia-X association aims to generate a stable and permanent collaboration framework to promote secure, transparent and practical data sharing and exploitation in Spain.

These initiatives are part of the Digital Spain 2025 agenda, which aims to promote the country’s digital transformation as a lever to relaunch economic growth, reduce inequality, increase productivity, and take advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies.