Request for Proposals: Provision of EU Affairs services

EIT Urban Mobility is seeking professional support for its EU Affairs activities, by appointing one single provider.

Below follows a description of the general objectives of EU Affairs activities within EIT Urban Mobility:

ObjectivesLong-term vision
Increase the visibility and reputation of EIT Urban Mobility in the EU domain, at international and at national levelEIT Urban Mobility will be seen as the key EU urban mobility innovation ecosystem, leading the transformation of the mobility system through trusted technological solutions and industry, education and research and engagement of cities and people. The EIT Urban Mobility brand will be known at EU level by all policymakers, media and stakeholders working on urban mobility and transport and it will be associated with its mission to improve liveability in cities with the UN SDGs. Through its activities and events, EIT Urban Mobility will become the most trusted partner and platform for policymakers and stakeholders to collaborate and join a dialogue on the future of urban mobility innovation in Europe. EIT Urban Mobility will be a key reference and trusted advisor for EU policy makers, stakeholders and media on innovative urban mobility and liveable cities, identifying and facilitating the connection with relevant expertise throughout the value chain, being recognized as the trustworthy community of experts.
Strengthen the ability of EIT Urban Mobility to contribute to EU policy-making activities in relevant fields to build a policy and regulatory framework which supports innovation and promotes the transformation of the urban mobility system for more liveable cities.EIT Urban Mobility will contribute to the shaping of key mobility as well as innovation and education policies at European level. It will be considered an essential contributor to EU policy cycles, by leveraging the expertise available in its ecosystem and its projects to generate policy insights and recommendations, influencing EU policies to achieve more sustainable transport in cities through education, innovation and cooperation between industry and the public sector. EIT Urban Mobility will be part of key advisory bodies and structures established by the European Commission.
Meet and exceed EIT Urban Mobility‘s governance and institutional obligations to create synergies with other EU initiatives and engage with other key organisations and international organisation across Europe to deliver greater impact.Consolidate the role of the Policy Advisory Board (PAB) and the DG MOVE led Expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM) as bodies with a recognized added value inside and outside EIT Urban Mobility. By collaborating with the Commission in the PAB, EIT Urban Mobility will build a pipeline of opportunities which can be leveraged and scaled by EIT Urban Mobility, with EU support. Development and implementation of synergies with other EU bodies will help EIT Urban Mobility build an ecosystem connected to other ecosystems and increase its economic, societal, and technological impact. Similarly, by strengthening understanding of national and European trends in urban mobility through the Expert Group on Urban Mobility, EIT Urban Mobility will become a trusted partner of National Ministries, NGOs and industry.
Develop cooperation and synergies with other R&I initiatives and stakeholders to increase the impact of EIT Urban Mobility and lead the transformation of urban mobility for more liveable cities.EIT Urban Mobility will function as a powerful bridge builder to other initiatives at European, global, and national level. The development of synergies with other R&I initiatives and bodies will help EIT Urban Mobility expand its reach and increase its economic, societal, and technological impact. EIT Urban Mobility will encourage other organisations to adopt its solutions and approaches, facilitating their deployment at a larger scale. EIT Urban Mobility will play a prominent role in the EU/international R&I landscape thanks to its broad collaborations, the specificity of its Knowledge Triangle Integration (KTI) model and its city centric approach.

Scope of work

The scope of work has been divided into three work packages (WP). For each WP we have indicated the key deliverables for 2023, which represent the minimum requirements to satisfy the conditions of this tender. The supplier will be expected to work on all three parts in parallel, with execution and implementation starting as of day 1 and running in parallel with the initial preparatory work.

Work Package 1 – Admin

  • Account management

Work Package 2 – Support the implementation of the EU Affairs strategy

  • Internally focused work
  • Policy monitoring, analysis, internal knowledge sharing and policy advice
  • Building and maintaining collaboration with the European Commission
  • Management of the Policy Advisory Board (PAB) and the European Commission Expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM)
  • Events

Work Package 3 – Mapping, stakeholder engagement and outreach

  • General outreach
  • European Parliament outreach
  • Council and Member States

Ad-hoc requests

During the collaboration, it is possible that unforeseen ad-hoc needs might arise. Examples include, responding to a public consultation, specific briefing notes needed, analysis of upcoming legislative or policy proposals that could affect EIT Urban Mobility stakeholders, etc.

All information, including the detailed scope of work, deliverables, and terms & conditions can be found in the Request for Proposals.

To apply, please send the completed tenders submission and declaration form.

Deadline for submissions EXTENDED: New deadline 5 May 2023 at 16:00 Central European Time.