Request for Proposals: Development of industry RAPTOR model

EIT Urban Mobility aims to identify (a) contractor/s to expand the Rapid Applications for Transport (RAPTOR) model beyond our cities approach and develop an industrial RAPTOR model.

The contractor/s will develop the industrial variant of the RAPTOR model and design the large industry engagement strategy. The contractor/s will be responsible both for the strategic plan and its actual delivery in a pilot test. This will include canvassing and recruiting a minimum of two-three industry sponsors to test the model. The contractor/s should be located within the RIS countries and primarily work within the region. The funding allocation for the request for proposals is provided by the RIS innovation funding mechanism. The lead contractor and EIT Urban Mobility will work closely together to implement design, and validate the industrial RAPTOR variant framework. By the end of the contract, EIT Urban Mobility should have a tested and approved model for future industry upscaling from 2024 onwards.

Over a period of nine months, the contractor/s will support EIT Urban Mobility to define industry challenges, promote the Industry RAPTOR call and evaluate and select three innovative start-ups/SMEs that each address one of three industry-sponsored niche urban mobility challenges. The start-ups/SMEs will pilot and demonstrate their solution supported by a cash award provided by the responsible industry sponsor. EIT Urban Mobility and the contractor/s will provide tailored mentorship and pilot coaching for the SME/start-up winners.

The contractor/s must secure the active involvement and support of two to three industry sponsors from RIS countries to commit monetary and in-kind resources to support three start-ups/SMEs in the development and demonstration of their solutions. The industry sponsors will have to secure €30 000 per start-up/SME as their co-funding support (€90 000 for three start-ups/SMEs in total).

The outcomes of this request for proposals will be a) provide a validated Industry RAPTOR framework, b) provide a minimum of two EIT core Innovation KPIs – either marketed innovation or start-up created of/for innovation, and c) propose a financial sustainability mechanism suitable to the industrial RAPTOR model.

All information, including the detailed scope of work, deliverables, and terms & conditions can be found in the Request for Proposals.

When submitting your proposal, please complete this template.

Deadline for submissions: 23 March 2023 at 16:00 Central European Time.