Women empowerment for inclusive mobility 

Using technology to co-create mobility solutions regarding safety, accessibility, and inclusivity

Project Description

  • Citizen Engagement
  • 1 January 2022
  • 12 Months
  • AMB
  • €192 122

Although women use public transport more widely and frequently than men, accessibility and safety concerns may deter them from using it. These issues may also influence the uptake of cycling, walking or other forms of active mobility for women.

The Inclusify project will develop, test and implement a methodology and digital solution so women in the metropolitan area can share their mobility experiences and co-create with the Public Administration AMB to find solutions regarding specific mobility aspects around safety, accessibility and inclusivity. 

The digital solution will be embedded within the AMB mobility app to promote its use. The methodology and tool will be scalable and replicable across Europe and internationally. 


Increased uptake of walking, cycling and use of public transport for women in the Barcelona metropolitan area, and improved standards of safety.

Main Objective

To improve safety and easy access to public transportation for women in the Barcelona metropolitan area and promote walking and cycling.


A collaborative digital tool to improve women’s safety and accessibility to public and active transport.



Project lead

Mariona Conill de Azpiazu