Walkability SOC

Walkability short online course (SOC)

Project Description

  • Academy
  • 1 October 2023
  • 30 September 2024
  • RMIT Europe
  • €18,250

RMIT Europe and EIT Urban Mobility offer an innovative walkability short online course (SOC), hosted on online learning platform FutureLearn. The course is specifically designed for professionals from city authorities, public institutions, companies, and NGOs seeking to advance their knowledge in urban mobility. The course will address the challenges faced by cities in developing walkable environments, including inadequate infrastructure, safety concerns, urban sprawl, and the prioritisation of motorised transportation. Through the examination of successful examples of walkable cities and neighbourhoods from around the world, learners will have the opportunity to analyse case studies and derive effective strategies for promoting and enhancing walkability in diverse urban contexts. Participants will delve into the crucial aspects contributing to the development of walkable cities, including infrastructure, connectivity, safety, and accessibility. The course emphasises the numerous benefits associated with walkability, ranging from improved public health, to reduced congestion, and enhanced sustainability.

To add depth and credibility, the course will feature video interviews with subject matter experts and industry professionals, providing diverse perspectives and valuable insights. Following the Competence Hub’s freemium model, learners will have access to core content for free, with the option to avail premium services, such as certification, for additional benefits.


Short online e-course production.

Main Objective

Closing the knowledge gap on urban mobility.


Walkability short online course launched in February 2024.



Project lead

Karen Matthews
RMIT Europe
Spiros Soulis
RMIT Europe