Urban Mobility Changemaker

Driving change and innovation in the field of urban mobility takes time.

Project Description

  • Academy
  • 1 March 2021
  • 8 months
  • Aalto University Executive Education Ltd
  • € 155 562,25

Driving change and innovation in the field of urban mobility takes time. The stakeholder ecosystem is complex and decision making in the public realm often slow. A multitude of innovative solutions, technologies, and tools to work towards sustainable urban mobility already exist, but implementation is taking place at a slow pace. The Urban Mobility Changemaker workshops offer valuable insights into best practices from European cities, academia and practitioners.  

The Urban Mobility Changemaker (UMChange) programme consists of four online study tours and co-creation workshops organised in EIT Urban Mobility City Club cities in cooperation with local universities, together with a series of online courses that are highly scalable and can be disseminated among urban mobility and transport planning professionals. The core content of this professional development programme lies in understanding and facilitating organisational change and developing a collective understanding for (retro-)fitting public authorities and private organisations to facilitate sustainable future mobility in different societal and geographic contexts.  

The workshop series combines lectures and co-creation sessions focusing on urban mobility solutions and best practice as well as sessions that look at tools and methods that help understand, manage and ideate within the complex stakeholder ecosystem of urban mobility. Furthermore, the workshops take a deep-dive into participatory planning processes, design thinking, change management and innovation leadership.  

UMChange is an executive education and professional development programme that acts as a round table for education, networking, co-creationand innovation in the urban mobility sector. 


The program focuses on implementing urban mobility and transport innovation, change and future solutions and rather deals with the question of why than how. Understanding organizations and how they change, identifying knowledge gaps, gasping behavioural patterns in decision making and processes and understanding the prevailing status quo in the organizational history´s context are at the core of the program.

Main Objective

Piloting a professional development programme for transport and mobility planning executives and their teams from the public and private sector


Series of four online workshops and related podcasts providing theory and hands-on content for urban mobility professionals



Project lead

Mikko Laak
Aalto University Executive Education Ltd